Thursday, February 22, 2007

Musical productivity

Matthew and I both got MP3 players for Valentine's Day, and I've been putting music into my computer ever since, and I'm almost done. Since I was touching all of the CD's anyway, I also reorganized them today and I'm happier with the system. Instead of alphabetical, they're organized by category. 2 of the categories that I like best are "Betsy music" and "Matthew music". No more searching through the rock to get to the Carole King. Of course Johnny has his own category. In doing the organization, I realized that I have LOTS of Spanish music. It's virtually the only current thing I've purchased in the last few years. Other than Spanish music, it's a lot of Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. I suppose I ought to get current somehow. What have I missed that's great?

Tomorrow's a 1/2 day workday at school! I love workdays.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lake of Shining Waters

It's melting! All of the snow and ice is melting and it's warm and lovely. On Saturday I sat outside for a few minutes and listened to the water running over the road. It was kind of like having my own babbling brook. Today when I got home from school I couldn't help but go over and look at my little lake, with it's pretty reflections and relaxing ripples. Amazingly enough, it made me want to get in a boat (not as a coxswain, just in a scull by myself) The lake was pretty in the morning. So I'm enjoying our temporary lake, and all of the moisture of this winter, and the snow days, but also the warm weather.

I am a K-Stater and I support my team no matter what. I support my coaches because they know much better than I do how to coach a team. I am glad that we have Huggins as our coach and that we are getting attention and winning games. (But our team color is purple-not black) I understand the point and the video is cool...but we're purple! The important thing though is to support the team and the coach so I will. But I'm glad I'm here and I can wear a purple shirt.

I had a startling thought today while getting ready to do the laundry. I was picking up Matthew's clothes and I wondered if there was a point in marriage when you just realize that he's never going to pick up his clothes and you start doing it cheerily instead of crankily. And then I was cheery about it! (Surely I was just in a good mood, right?)

Now for two cooking questions. (And a sad note--the chopping class was canceled, low interest and bad weather. They're going to try again in the Fall.) (Ooh, and another sad note-Cynthia's Pizza closed and it was my very very favorite)

1. I made chocolate chip cookies the other night and they didn't flatten out like normal and tasted sort of cake-like instead of cooky-like. (fluffy not chewy) Of course, there were a number of strange things that I did-which one or combination caused the non flattening? I didn't have any eggs so I just used egg whites, I probably beat the whole thing for too long (sometimes I just like to turn up the mixer because it's fun) and I used a new air bake pan, with and without parchment paper. Whaddya think?

2. For our new vegetable this week I bought fresh green beans. Now what do I do with them?

Last week I had a spaghetti squash with tomato and garlic and Parmesan. Super yummy.

All week I've been putting music onto my computer in anticipation of the installation of my new car stereo. MJL gave it to me for Christmas, but it's been too darn cold to install it. He's working on it now and I'm super excited. It has a place to just plug in my MP3 player. No more CD switching! Lots of books on tape! (which aren't on tape books?) No more lots of wires everywhere!

Along with the installation he's going to vacuum and set traps for the mice who either live in or visit my car. I'm so well taken care of.