Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten Commandments for Children

I got to help teach Religious Education (PSR-when I was growing up-CCD) this year in Anna's class.  I really enjoyed it.

When we studied the Ten Commandments we used this list (I'm not sure where it came from) and I thought it was a wonderful adaptation for children,  so I thought I'd share (and write it down somewhere so I don't have to keep this piece of paper).

1.  I am the Lord your God.  Love nothing more than me.
2.  Use God's name with respect.
3.  Honor the Lord's Day.
4.  Honor your parents.
5.  Treat all human life with respect.
6.  Respect married life.
7.  Do not steal.
8.  Tell the truth.
9.  Respect your neighbors and friends.
10.  Be happy with what you have.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On my own Saturday

I slept until 10!  Lovely.  Then I got up and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  I didn't take before/after pictures of all of the carpet spots I scrubbed because they were embarrassingly bad before and, while much improved, are still bad.  My mom would clean up spots immediately after spills.  That was smart.  I am kind of lazy about that.  Which is evidenced on my carpet.  Anyhoo-cleaned carpets (emptied the vacuum twice!) until it was time to go meet Linda for lunch.

Then I took Abby shopping for a new Confirmation dress and she talked me into one which was too expensive and very pretty.  It was fun.  :)  And I bought the pink sweatpants I resisted three times before.  I've been living in them since.  So happy.
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Graphic Pant - Snazzy Pink

Then I tried to get another sno cone but they were closed.

I came home and finished the carpets and then finished Spencer's quilt top!


Then I got ready to start Levi's quilt, but got distracted looking at fabric and found some nice flannel I forgot about and then got inspired and made three baby blankets.  I'll post about those once I get them mailed out. It was my most favorite thing-using what I have, making gifts, using fabrics that I adore and tend to hoard-perfect.  

Then my sweet family came home.  Hugs and snuggles and I did their laundry straight out of the suitcases because I wasn't ready to part with my empty hamper joy.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

Home Alone Friday

I taught school and then zipped home to make my favorite lunch (almost).  Yellow squash and zucchini with a little garlic on wheat spaghetti with mozzarella.  I forgot the tomatoes.  Tomatoes make it perfect.  I threw in the leftover edamame from the night before-not perfect.  But still super yummy.  

I remembered to take a picture of the mantle-Thanks Dad-my Birthday pictures are perfect!

I took out all the trash and moved a bunch of stuff that was on the back porch into the shop.  I did most of the mudroom tidy a few weeks ago, but finally was able to finish so it's done and lovely.

My new expandable drying rack came and I hung it up myself.

I often wonder in the midst of projects like this if my absolute refusal to admit defeat is an asset or a liability. But it's up!  And plenty sturdy.  Surely.  


I finally put out my little figurines on the china hutch.  The top shelf had been bare since the Nativity Set came down in January.   My mom used to put these on top of the piano in the Spring because it was my Birthday season.  Most of them are from my Godmother, Aunt Irene.

I went to town and had dinner with Katrina!  And then we went shopping and looked at every single thing in Target.  It was really fun.  We didn't buy this Shinny Ball, but we did laugh about it a lot.

Then we sat outside her house and talked for another two hours, and then I came home and put things away and folded the last bits of laundry and then it was time for bed so I cleaned the bathrooms instead.  And then I went to bed.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to enjoy "free time"

1.  Come home and go straight to work on that paper you've been putting off.  Finish 3 hours later.
2.  Immediately switch the Internet radio from "Pachelbel" to "Julieta Venegas".
3.  Tidy the house and feel giddy that it'll stay tidy for days.
 4.  Make some Teacher Appreciation Banana Bread.
 5.  Go to town for the Retirement Reception for a dear colleague.  Try not to think about her really leaving.
 6.  Go to Goodwill!  Spot this trash can and spend 5 minutes debating (we already have a trash can in the mudroom, but this one is cuter...) in the aisle because there are no sweet girls climbing out of the cart.

7.  Decide to get it because it really does match the sign you have hanging in the mudroom.

 8.  Also spot 14 matching napkins for $3.50!

9.  And a bright vintage sheet!

10.  And two maternity skirts.  Decide to go wild and get both, because one looks nicer, but the other looks more worn, which probably means it's comfier.  Feel simultaneously guilty and gleeful for buying two skirts for a total of $5.50.

11.  Go to Dillons to buy home alone food!  Breakfast since my breakfast maker is out of town, and lots of fruit and veggies.  And a new kind of Pocky!

12.  Have dinner on the bed and watch a girly movie (28 days).  

 13.  Fold all the laundry in the house.  All clean.

 14.  Have some dessert.

15.  Sleep tight...  :)

Busy Busy

Another month!

But I finished and passed my portfolio, and I just turned in my final project for Socioling√ľ√≠stica (not my best work, but I think the class activities are really good, so it's just the paper part that's iffy-on the short side, but I honestly could not think of anything else rational or logical to add, and I'm not as good at fluffing things up in Spanish.  I don't have as many words.)

Matthew took Anna and Katie to Oklahoma this weekend, so now that I have my work done, I feel dizzy with possibilities.  Naps!  Sewing!  Pulling weeds!  Laundry!  I hardly know what to do with myself.

First, though, Tums.  As usual.