Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kiki's Wedding Part 2

Out of order...sorry. This will be ridiculously long and overly detailed, for Megan and Sara and anyone else who missed the day.

The wedding day was warm and sunny with a slight breeze. I never would have predicted such weather for October 20, but I should have known that God would deliver for Katrina.

We went and got our hair done in the morning, mine was flippy and cute and I went against the hairdresser's advice and got a red headband to match my dress, and was very happy. Katrina's hair was woven up and was glossy and gorgeous. We all went to the salon together, and then ran out to Claire's together to get my headband and some clips for Brandi. It was funny to run errands together, the day felt normal and not, normal and not, all day long.

We went back to Katrina's house and had some lunch in the basement, peeking out every so often to see the tent and the deck, all prettied up with curtains and tulle and red flowers and bows. It was all so pretty and perfect and so Katrina. Then we did our makeup, and Katrina did mine, just as she has for every major event in my life. I felt bad, having the bride fix me up, but she's Katrina, and didn't mind a bit. (And really, she'll be much happier with the pictures this way. I'm a disaster. There's a reason she always helps me.)

Anna arrived and Brandi fixed her hair. She sat still for the curling, and was adorable in her white dress. We girls all got into our dresses, and prayed and cried with Jeanne just before we went upstairs. The music started, stopped, and then started in earnest. The grandparents and parents were seated, and there was a nervous moment when I couldn't remember when I was supposed to start down the steps. Also there were lots of wasps. We all walked in to "Window in the Skies" by U2. I was nervous and excited and happy and very very shaky. Watching the girls walk in was unreal. The ring bearer came in with his red suitcase, looking dapper and proud. Anna slowly came down the aisle, pausing to drop petals, spin around, offer petals to individual guests, until finally Joe cajoled her to the front. Katrina walked in to Mark Cohn's "True Companion". Her red shoes were perfect, we could see them as she started down the steps, all white dress and bright red shoes. She did have to pause at the bottom to shake the wasps out of her veil, but kept her composure mightily. I've been trying to research wasps at weddings, to find the country where they're good luck, surely there is one, but I can only find information about WASP's at weddings, and I get frustrated. A prize to anyone who can find it for me!
She walked in with Bobby, and we all cried, but not as much as Joe. Kent did a great job with the wedding. He told Joe how lucky he was, and it was clear how much he meant it. What a blessing to be married by someone who loves you enough to choke up. After the ceremony, I heard a couple of the groomsmen commenting "That pastor was actually pretty cool". I felt so proud. I'm sorry I can't say more about that, I was trying not to cry, to enjoy the moment, to dodge the wasps and steel myself for the sting, willing myself to be silent and not ruin the wedding if it did happen, to watch Anna, to not fall over when Anna pushed me, and to be "in the moment". (We had a conversation about mindfulness on the way home from Denver, and I'm trying to practice that more) (Obviously I need the practice).

After the wedding we took pictures and then got to sit around under the tent and chat for a couple of hours before dinner. It was just what Katrina wanted, a day that she actually got to spend with people, and have some time to enjoy it.

The dinner was delicious and fun, and then we headed out to the Knight of Columbus Hall for the reception. We had lined the tables with white cloths and black table runners, with red candle holders and white votives and red and black guitar picks personalized for Katrina and Joe. They were a big hit, everyone said they were a great idea. Whoever thought of that is a genius. :) Their cake was three layers, with a red ribbon around the middle and lyrics from
"True Companion" written around the outside of the top and bottom layers. It was gorgeous and cool and delicious. Chelsea and Brandi and two groomsmen gave toasts and did a lovely job. We did the Grand March all the way through, Katrina and Joe danced to "Picture in a Frame" by Tom Waits(?) She told me 3 or 4 times and I never remember. Matthew and I got to dance a little, the bridesmaids all got to dance a little, Anna danced with Joe, we had cake and beer and cheese and meatballs and got to see lots of people.

I loved being a bridesmaid. I think, maybe even more than being a bride. But there was a dance, so it's not really a fair comparison. Bridesmaids get to be bossy, and I do love that.

The next day there was a brunch out at Lance and Jeanne's house, I was glad to get a chance to talk more with Jeff and Brandi and Jenny. And then they opened presents!

It was a great week.

Kiki's Wedding Part 1

I know I'm way behind everyone on this one, but late is better than never.

I'm so thankful for all of the time I got to spend with Katrina doing wedding stuff. It was such a special time to spend together.

We went to Denver for her Bachelorette, and I got to spend a regular evening at home with the couple. We watched the Rockies play, ate Burritos, cleaned the apartment, it was fun to see them together at home. It's so strange still that she's married, and that Joe is a part of my life now, but a happy strange. It's made me even more thankful for my friends, who are still so much a part of my life, because it is funny to all of a sudden share someone with a husband. I'm also really thankful that Joe is a fantastic guy who loves her and I think he'll be a great addition to my friend-family. (Framily?)

Anyhoo, we went downtown on the train and ate sushi and then went to Mynt and Hush. Katrina got free drinks and we danced and were reminded that it's always good to take Chelsea with you. We got in the back door free at Hush, because she's so darn cute. Or, "scrumptious", according to the guy we walked by on the sidewalk.

On the way home the next day, the four girls from High School once again shared a car. Katrina, Chelsea, Brandi and I had a wonderful time. We talked the whole way, about this and that, like no time had passed at all. It's amazing how our lives have all gone different directions. I like to think about our different paths, coming from the same center, and back to the center again for the wedding. It's a pretty flower in my head. Were I a writer, I think we'd make terrific Chick-Lit.

The week preceding the wedding was full full full. Anna is a dream. She took good naps in Katrina's basement while we wrapped silverware and made programs and tied bows and, and, and. It was fun to spend so much time with Lance and Jeanne, and to remember that I'm a part of that family too.

The wedding day itself was beautifully surreal. I think maybe it deserves it's own post.


We've been super busy this month, maybe I'll have time right now to catch up, this post will be all crafts.

I can post pictures of Katrina's quilt now that she's received it. She was very happy, and I can't wait to see it in her new little home, to watch movies with her snuggled up in it.

I used the rail fence pattern and 30's reproduction prints. I set out to make a red and white quilt, with some other accent colors, but when I got it all put together, I realized it's much more blue and white. I didn't realize how much my tastes influenced it until I laid out the finished top in the living room to look at it. It was PERFECT in that room. At least, it has a lot of me in it, and that's a nice quality in a gift, yes? Also, I intended to do a variation of the rail fence pattern that makes sort of open and close boxes all throughout, but I didn't realize until I'd sewn all of the blocks that I would need to sew half of them flipped. I thought I could just flip them around and then sew them together. So this is what it looks like and I'm still pleased, just a bit wiser.

Anna picked the fabric for the back. I held up two and asked her which one Kiki would like better.

I made another gift quilt a while ago, can't post pictures of it yet, but Matthew said when he saw it "That's so (name of recipient)", so maybe I'm getting better at picking out fabric for others.

I also made Katrina a nightie out of an old U2 Concert t-shirt, I was really really pleased with that. I'm excited about all of the t-shirt possibilities. I forgot to take a picture of that before I gave it to her, but surely I'll make more.

Right now I'm working on a Christmas quilt for our bed. I picked out the fabrics and cut out the blocks, and then Matthew made up a plan for how to put them together. It's my favorite way to quilt, it's fun to do something together. It's a monster though, I think I may have done something wrong in the mathematical step, it's going to be HUGE. Here's a picture of the grid.

I'm also working on a little star baby blanket, trying to use up some scraps. I'm using small yarn and a small hook and making a blanket in a shape! All big steps for me. I think it's coming along alright, I've modified the pattern a bit as I go, I think my version is better. *warning--crochet terms coming* I think it's better to use a decrease rather than skip stitches when making an inside corner, I don't like the holes that the skipped stitches make, and I don't understand the point of the slip stitches and chaining in one corner, they're not pretty. But perhaps I just don't know enough about pattern making. The other problem I'm having is size. I can sort of envision what size a square or rectangular baby blanket should be, but the star shape is throwing me for a loop. How big?
And Joanna just sent me two beautiful old fabrics and some neato pieced oval/diamonds, I don't know what I'm going to do with it all, but it'll be fun.
Oh! And, with our bridesmaids dresses we got shawls out of matching satin, and I'm going to try to make Anna a Christmas dress out of mine. Eeek!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Laura K 10K

I did it!

The 10K was this morning. I was super nervous all day yesterday and couldn't get to sleep last night, but the race was this morning and was so much fun. We started at the zoo and ran down 4th, and past the Cancer Center, and then south on Main out to Sagebrush, and then back through the zoo. It was fun to run with a group of people and I didn't get lost. :) I kept my pace with my heart rate monitor, and finished in 1:10:22 (Is that how you write it?), which was my goal. I was 75th out of 140, so not at all last. I can't believe that it was fun. I'm excited for next year.

Here are a few pictures.

Me before the race.

My fans.

Anna greeting me at the finish.
After the race they did a one mile fun run through the zoo for the kids. Anna was excited and very serious about her race, though she was easily distracted by the animals, and rode for a lot of it on her Daddy's shoulders.

It was a great day.