Monday, October 15, 2012


I want to be this:

     "I've always been attracted to magnanimous people, people with big minds and big hearts.  Magnanimity is about authentic living, truth and justice.  The magnanimous person is a passionate person who is never caught up with what is petty or small-minded.  
     We know the magnanimous person the moment we meet them.  Their love is whole-hearted, an expression of their broad minds and generous hearts.  They never get caught up in detail, fin finding fault, in nit-picking, in gossip, in backbiting, for they are generous of heart, and they single out the important things that need to be tended to and give their undivided attention and energy to them.  A magnanimous person challenges us to be true to ourselves and to live lives of integrity, truth and justice."  

11 October-  Gardening the Soul:  Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jimmy's Quilt

Jimmy got the most wonderful gift.  A quilt made by two of my Mom's sisters and her God-daughter.  It's perfect and farm-y and boyish and beautiful.  

Look at this fantastic fabric!  

It's all hand quilted by my Aunt Vernie, with a special surprise Powercat quilted into one of the blocks.  
Go Cats!  :)

It has Sawtooth Star blocks, which my Mom loved, and Log Cabin blocks, one of my favorites, and adorable appliqued lambs, which is perfect because I just learned to do this kind of applique this summer!  I asked my Aunt Nadine a question about it, and she told me later it was funny because she was working on Jimmy's appliques right when I asked.  

I'm terrible about labeling my quilts-but I'm so glad they did.   And I can't help but admire those perfect mitered corners on that tiny binding.  Someday... 

Jimmy loves it too.   

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dyed Noodles

***Today is 10-11-12!  Celebrate!***

Remember making things out of dyed noodles when you were little?

I thought Katie needed some to play with while in her funpod.  

I used vinegar and food coloring.  Don't they look lovely all lined up?  I turned them over every hour or so for, I don't know, 12 hours-ish.

This is a good bag- some vinegar (I didn't measure, just sloshed some in) and some food coloring.  You mix it all up FIRST, and then put in the noodles.  

This is the first bag I did.  I put the noodles in first, and then mixing the vinegar and food coloring together got all bubbly, and it just never was as good.  

Then I put them all on a towel to dry overnight-it took another 12 hours for them to dry.  

Katie does enjoy spooning them into other containers, stirring them up, and taking them off of a shoelace.   

A different kind of noodle would be better, then she could string them herself, but the penne shape is too difficult.  

I think someday it will be fun to sort them into a muffin tin by color.  

We play with these at least once a week!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October "wreath"

3 pumpkins from the dollar spot at Target, a couple of bread ties from the drawer, and a ribbon to hang it.

 I love a quick and cheap project!  

Friday, October 05, 2012


This darling wild thing...

When Katie pinches or pulls hair we put her in time out (she was even in time out at church!)  But in the car-what do you do?  Anna's right there within reach, and when Katie wants her attention...  I'm at a loss.  
Any help?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

6 weeks

Jimmy had his 6 week check up last week.  He weighs 12 lbs.  80th percentile.  

22 inches tall, 40th percentile.

And he has a tiny head!  in the 26th percentile.  We think that's pretty funny.  

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Name bunting

Sometime right after Jimmy came home from the hospital I decided the children all needed name bunting.  I'm not sure why.  But it seemed important.  One of the items on my first to do lists was "Think about bunting."  I knew I wanted them to be quilted and have pinked edges.  All of this seemed very important.    I didn't want to look for a tutorial and follow it, I just wanted to do it.  

It was also important that I use new fonts.  None of this makes a lot of sense now-it feels like retelling a funny dream.  I went online and found free fonts and downloaded them, just for this project.  Then I looked through all of my fabric and VERY seriously considered the merits of different combinations.  I did let Anna pick hers.   

I had to size the letters and print them, and then trace them onto the fusible web...and then print them and trace them again because I forgot that I would have to reverse the letters...

Then I ironed the web to the fabric...then I had to repeat that step on a few letters because I forgot to fuse to the wrong side of the fabric.  I also cut my own triangle pattern and cut some pieces and then decided the proportions were wrong and went ahead and found a bunting pattern  online just for the shape.  But I was all serious about doing my own thing so I didn't even let myself read her instructions.  Very strange.    

I cut all my bunting triangles and cut out my letters and fused them on.  I cut bunches of triangles out of batting so that I could quilt them.  Doing the stitching around the letters worked fine, but then I wanted to do a straight stitch along the edges and that got bunchy and looked bad and I tried three times before I decided to do something else.  So THEN I cut triangles of fusible fleece and pressed them to the fronts.  (Now I need to figure out what to do with that stack of batting cut into triangles) 

Then I did the quilting around the letters.  Anna and Katie got blanket stitch, but Jimmy's didn't look right with the blanket stitch (more ripping of stitches!) and I finally decided on a straight stitch.  In hindsight-stitching around the letters isn't going to do a thing to hold them on, but I don't think this is going to go through the wash too often, so it should be fine.  I'm really enjoying the applique technique-though now I'm coveting this embroidery foot with clear sole so I can see where I'm going on tight curves.  

I have no idea why the quilting was so important to me-but it is cute on the back.  I don't know if you can tell at all from the front.  Then I used my scalloped and pinked rotary blades to cut the edges, and used bias tape from my enormous stash to put it all together.  

Each child is getting theirs for Christmas.  I think it's a good thing Jimmy's tiny-this doesn't strike me as a very exciting present for a little boy.  But it was fun to take this idea and carry it out, in silly sleep deprived fashion.  My September project. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fall 2012

I've decided October is going to be a great month, with lots of productivity AND cuddling AND schoolwork.  I have one more month of maternity leave.  Time to get serious about seizing the day and all that.

So let's see how Summer went:

1.  Finish last class for Master's degree!!!!!
2.  Get out all the baby stuff. Abby came out and helped.  What would I possibly do without her?
3.  Figure out how to fit baby and Katie into one room. 
4.  Fix the rose bush area by the back door. Done 8/9/12-hauling of dirt and everything!
5.  Enjoy Summer activities-swimming and VBS and Arts and Crafts Camp and sno cones and fun.
6.  Start Chelsea's quilt (See how reasonable I am-my only goal is to START) Done and at the quilter!
7.  Begin Library classes!
8.  Do some paper crafting. Had a lovely day of this with Anna on 8/3/12-my due date.
9.  Make back to school skirt with Anna. Also on that great day of crafting 8/3.
10.  Have a baby!
11.  Make Threesie CDs and birth announcements.
12.  Keep up with pictures and emails.

I feel really happy about that.  This summer was perhaps the best summer ever, and I think that was because I got up early every morning and had breakfast and started in on the day.  I enjoyed life, got things done, didn't feel overwhelmed...  I know I work best that way-but it's hard to remember when there's no real "reason" to get up and get going.

Fall 2012 goals:
1.  Snuggle Jimmy, play with Katie, talk to Anna.  There is nothing so important as that.
2.  Feed my family.  Maybe planning ahead will help?
3.  Make some Christmas gifts.  Just some.  No fancy expectations.
4.  Make Halloween bags with Anna.
5.  Plant Mums in my pot, decide what to do about roses, and deal with old tomato/pepper plants.
6.  Sterilize garden area for next spring.
7.  Go back to work and start learning to be a librarian.
8.  Finish 1st Library class.
9.  Do one thing every week to practice Spanish.
10.  Finish editing Abby's senior pictures.

I'm trying to focus on the things that I really want and need to do while acknowledging  that three sweet babies means less time for my projects.  :)  There will be plenty of time for projects.  Right now I need to enjoy what I have.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Yarn Wreath


I made this wreath this summer for Susu and it's been waiting not so patiently for her Birthday ever since.

These are some of the felt flowers from her wedding.

And the bow is just a bow I found a Goodwill that we both loved.  Finally a happy use for it.  She and I both inherited a love of Calico from our Mama, I think.

Happy Birthday, Sister!