Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fall 2012

I've decided October is going to be a great month, with lots of productivity AND cuddling AND schoolwork.  I have one more month of maternity leave.  Time to get serious about seizing the day and all that.

So let's see how Summer went:

1.  Finish last class for Master's degree!!!!!
2.  Get out all the baby stuff. Abby came out and helped.  What would I possibly do without her?
3.  Figure out how to fit baby and Katie into one room. 
4.  Fix the rose bush area by the back door. Done 8/9/12-hauling of dirt and everything!
5.  Enjoy Summer activities-swimming and VBS and Arts and Crafts Camp and sno cones and fun.
6.  Start Chelsea's quilt (See how reasonable I am-my only goal is to START) Done and at the quilter!
7.  Begin Library classes!
8.  Do some paper crafting. Had a lovely day of this with Anna on 8/3/12-my due date.
9.  Make back to school skirt with Anna. Also on that great day of crafting 8/3.
10.  Have a baby!
11.  Make Threesie CDs and birth announcements.
12.  Keep up with pictures and emails.

I feel really happy about that.  This summer was perhaps the best summer ever, and I think that was because I got up early every morning and had breakfast and started in on the day.  I enjoyed life, got things done, didn't feel overwhelmed...  I know I work best that way-but it's hard to remember when there's no real "reason" to get up and get going.

Fall 2012 goals:
1.  Snuggle Jimmy, play with Katie, talk to Anna.  There is nothing so important as that.
2.  Feed my family.  Maybe planning ahead will help?
3.  Make some Christmas gifts.  Just some.  No fancy expectations.
4.  Make Halloween bags with Anna.
5.  Plant Mums in my pot, decide what to do about roses, and deal with old tomato/pepper plants.
6.  Sterilize garden area for next spring.
7.  Go back to work and start learning to be a librarian.
8.  Finish 1st Library class.
9.  Do one thing every week to practice Spanish.
10.  Finish editing Abby's senior pictures.

I'm trying to focus on the things that I really want and need to do while acknowledging  that three sweet babies means less time for my projects.  :)  There will be plenty of time for projects.  Right now I need to enjoy what I have.


In the Mix said...

Goodness. I'm impressed with how much you got finished this summer. This was quite possibly my least productive summer. Except for producing a baby. :)
My fall list, if I were making one, would look something like this...
1. Get crap done.

Setting my standards low just to stay afloat. :S

Melanie said...

Laughing at In the Mix--yeah, that pretty much sums up life here, too! :)

Betsy, how great to look back at that summer list with everything crossed off! And a great-looking, realistic October list. I can't believe it's October.

betsyann said...

I like it, Sarah!

And it's for all of Fall! I can't start making lists for every month or I really will drive myself crazy. Only seasonal, daily, and topic driven lists. And grocery lists and town lists and Christmas lists and gift lists and....