Friday, October 12, 2012

Jimmy's Quilt

Jimmy got the most wonderful gift.  A quilt made by two of my Mom's sisters and her God-daughter.  It's perfect and farm-y and boyish and beautiful.  

Look at this fantastic fabric!  

It's all hand quilted by my Aunt Vernie, with a special surprise Powercat quilted into one of the blocks.  
Go Cats!  :)

It has Sawtooth Star blocks, which my Mom loved, and Log Cabin blocks, one of my favorites, and adorable appliqued lambs, which is perfect because I just learned to do this kind of applique this summer!  I asked my Aunt Nadine a question about it, and she told me later it was funny because she was working on Jimmy's appliques right when I asked.  

I'm terrible about labeling my quilts-but I'm so glad they did.   And I can't help but admire those perfect mitered corners on that tiny binding.  Someday... 

Jimmy loves it too.   


Trinket said...

I don't see the Powercat. Where is it?

The quilt is wonderful. What a special gift for Mr. J.

In the Mix said...

So lovely!

Susan said...

It's perfect and precious and so completely him. Jimmy is one lucky baby.

betsyann said...

The Powercat is in the quilting, so you have to look very carefully for it, in person. I'm sure you couldn't see it in the pics. I'll show you next time you come out!

The Gray Roach said...

A treasure, pure and simple!