Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Spring

Winter 2013 goals:

1.  Relax.  Look around and breathe in the chaos and laugh and enjoy it.  
2.  Get passports for the whole family!
3.  Make a 13 list for the kitchen to replace the Manifesto (Anna's idea!)
4.  Put the binding on my quilt for the couch.
5.  Figure out a way to integrate Spanish into my new life. Kind of.  I'm doing some more translating.  
6.  Move the files-old year out, etc.  
7.  Hallway and 8x10's for 2012.

There wasn't much on that list, and I said that I was able to relax and enjoy, but I wonder if my family would agree.  And I say I'm integrating Spanish, but that's mostly because I have been able to get some more translating work.  But I think that'll count.  I get to work my brain and remember, and it's not speaking, but it's something.  I got to translate for conferences too, which was fun.  And  I felt lots less pressure just translating as a bilingual person, and not as a Spanish teacher.  So what if I mess up?  That was fun.  

Spring 2013

1.   Renew Driver's License!
2.  Make a 13 list before the year is half over.
3.  Put the binding on my quilt for the couch.
4.  Make Lydia a blanket.
5.  Make Abby a blanket.
6.  Finish dumb required Library Class and enroll in Summer class.
7.  Finish moving photos to new albums.
8.  Choose patience and gentleness. I'm working on it, anyway.
9.  Plant vegetable garden. 
10.  Plant flowers.
11.  Play outside whenever possible.
12.  Sew with my aunts-Anna's 4H project.
13.  Run away with the kiddos.
14.  Go shopping with Katrina.
15.  Make a baby gift (or just be honest with myself and buy one)
16.  Something to the college nieces and nephews.  I missed this-why is college over so early?  I feel bad, but I'm hoping just crossing it off will help me to LET IT GO.
17.  Get enough sleep.
18.  Don't "work" on Sundays.
19.  Tidy up office.
20.  Have fun at Easter.  Don't worry about any of it.  

That's a giant list.  Spring makes me feel that way.  I really probably need to adjust the way I look at life and time, but it's hard.