Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding Week Countdown...5!

My sister's getting married!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peanut Butter Challenge

This summer this giant tub of peanut butter showed up in my house. (You know how it is with big parties)
Of the 6 lbs, about a cup had been used.

I don't think you can read it, but it says "Best by November 2011". That's my kind of challenge.
We made about 200 of these cookies, and they were tasty, but that didn't use nearly enough.

So we started making corn flake cookies, a Grandma Anna staple. So yummy and easy.

We've tried 4 different recipes. (I need to just find Grandma Anna's recipe-I'm sure someone has it). This one is pretty good-but increase the corn flakes to 6 cups at least.

A couple more batches... I think we're going to make it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jackson Quilt

3 years ago I agreed to make a quilt for a sweet little boy.

His smart Mama asked lots of friends and family to decorate squares to welcome him.
(See anyone you know?)

Yay for baby boys and for getting things done!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bearers of the Good News

I listened to a couple of wonderful podcast episodes last week.

I generally enjoy the Among Women podcast-a Catholic show that has interviews with all sorts of interesting women.

But these two I think were good enough to share. Dr. Mary Healy speaks about women in the Bible. Part 1 is from the Old Testament and Part 2 from the New. Each podcast is organized into 2 segments-in the first part Pat profiles a Saint, and in the second part is the talk from Dr. Healy. I thought it was fantastic.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My third favorite season

The teachers at school love fall. It's not my favorite, but it does come before Christmas, and there's baking and Thanksgiving and football, I suppose.

Mostly, the best thing about fall is getting out my favorite pair of shoes.

I estimate that I've worn them at least 200 days a year for the past 12 years. 2400 days.

I love these shoes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some kind of irony

Something like 10 years ago I was setting the table in our little apartment on Hackberry and it occurred to me that our dishes were heavy, and that small children would not be able to help set the table if the dishes were too heavy. I started looking for a pretty set of plastic dishes at Goodwill.

I finally found them! A full set of eight - plates and little plates and bowls and cups and even a sugar and creamer.

I love them. I would wear them as clothes. I like to take them out just to look at them.

I have them in the pantry where Anna can reach, so she can help herself (and help me!)

Now, we've been so very fortunate, and in 12.5 years of marriage, we've only broken one bowl of our wedding dishes. (Knock on wood)

I've had my pretty pink plastic "safety" dishes for two weeks...

I'm down to 7 plates and 7 cups.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping Bags!

For Susan's wedding shower, I wanted to make her some shopping bags. I've had the fabric for these for... 3 years? (So actually, I've been meaning to make her some bags forever, but the shower was a good motivator).

I ended up finishing them early in the morning with a baby alternately wrapped around my legs and sitting on my lap. (I timed myself as I was making them, got the last one sewn in 12 minutes!)

That's how easy they are to make. Here's a good tutorial. (It's a little fancier than mine-I don't have a pocket, and I just use webbing for the handles, or, as it was with these, whatever bits of anything that I had laying around. Some webbing, some ribbon, etc.)

They are truly lovely to shop with. So much nicer than plastic.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Backpack

We used my old college backpack for Anna's diaper bag, and it was my plan to use it for Katie too, but after the third repair, I decided it was time to trade it in.

Luckily, we had another old backpack in the basement, so I just moved my Girl Scout Child Care badge and our Kansas Association of Wheat Growers patch to the new one and we're off!

On days when I have time for a tiny project, it feels like all is right with the world.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall List 2011

I'm a bit behind on this post-For some reason 2 kiddos + working + Practicum + Susu's wedding = not very much time to play computer. Right now I'm enjoying a few minutes of playing in between printing research articles and cutting out tablecloths for the wedding while the two girls sleep and before responsible teacher self says that I have to go to bed too.

Summer 2011 List: (I did much better than I had anticipated!)
1. Finish organizing craft room!
2. Make Spencer's blanket.
3. Make Finney and Trisha's blanket.
4. Make something pretty with Abby for Lainey.
5. Make Anna Back to School Dress.
6. Anna Hall Photos
7. Anna 8X10's for year.
8. Finish Summer Class.
9. Plymell Spanish Facebook Page
10. Try to choose fun over "work"

Fall 2011 List:
1. Make things for Susu's wedding; Petticoat, veil, flowers, tablecloths; and have fun with sisters.
2. Finish MJL 12th anniversary present.
3. Spencer Quilt
4. Secret Sibling gift
5. File the giant pile of papers.
6. Finish Practicum.
7. Get out Baby Toys.
8. Lainey something with Abby.
9. Chelsea Wedding Book.
10. Pull some of the giant weeds.

I will be very happy if I get most of these things done. I will also try to remember what Fr. Rene said on Sunday-the Good is the enemy of the Best. I will not sacrifice what is best for what is merely good. (Best = snuggle cute girls, have fun with MJL, relax, enjoy this life, pray)

Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Quilt

A long time ago I finished a quilt for a wedding that happened even longer ago.

A snuggly/picnic blanket.

Every quilt's cuter with a Katie on it.

Congratulations, Finney and Trisha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to School Dress

We didn't quite get it done for the first day of school, but "Back to School" surely lasts for a couple of weeks, right?

This year, Anna helped make her dress! We made the Sophia Tunic Dress from SewSweet Patterns on Etsy. We took the sleeves off and made it a bit longer. She chose the fabric.
Anna sewed the shoulders and side seams all herself! (On my lap) She wanted to run the machine ALL by herself, but I'm not quite ready for that step.

I think she was pleased. I was thrilled. Someone to sew with! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A favorite cup.

Two years ago I bought some nice mugs from Goodwill to keep my Popsicle sticks in at school. (I have sticks for all of the students so I can call on people randomly.) One mug for each class, which was wonderful because then I had a reason to buy nice mugs at Goodwill.

I had a favorite.
One day I thought "I really really like this mug. I'm so glad I got it. It makes me happy every day." 2 seconds later I dropped it and it broke.

Last week I found one just like it at Goodwill. Thanks, world!

Monday, October 10, 2011

8 month Katie

 8 month Katie does not like to have her picture taken.

 She likes to MOVE.
Taking 8 month old portraits was a little difficult.
So we built a big tent.

Happy Birthday Katie!  (10/06/11)