Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some kind of irony

Something like 10 years ago I was setting the table in our little apartment on Hackberry and it occurred to me that our dishes were heavy, and that small children would not be able to help set the table if the dishes were too heavy. I started looking for a pretty set of plastic dishes at Goodwill.

I finally found them! A full set of eight - plates and little plates and bowls and cups and even a sugar and creamer.

I love them. I would wear them as clothes. I like to take them out just to look at them.

I have them in the pantry where Anna can reach, so she can help herself (and help me!)

Now, we've been so very fortunate, and in 12.5 years of marriage, we've only broken one bowl of our wedding dishes. (Knock on wood)

I've had my pretty pink plastic "safety" dishes for two weeks...

I'm down to 7 plates and 7 cups.


In the Mix said...

:( Sorry Betsy. Those sure are cute dishes.

betsyann said...

And I should mention that I'M the one who broke them!

Susan said...

Oh no! That's so sad.

Jeanette said...

Love those dishes. :)