Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall List 2011

I'm a bit behind on this post-For some reason 2 kiddos + working + Practicum + Susu's wedding = not very much time to play computer. Right now I'm enjoying a few minutes of playing in between printing research articles and cutting out tablecloths for the wedding while the two girls sleep and before responsible teacher self says that I have to go to bed too.

Summer 2011 List: (I did much better than I had anticipated!)
1. Finish organizing craft room!
2. Make Spencer's blanket.
3. Make Finney and Trisha's blanket.
4. Make something pretty with Abby for Lainey.
5. Make Anna Back to School Dress.
6. Anna Hall Photos
7. Anna 8X10's for year.
8. Finish Summer Class.
9. Plymell Spanish Facebook Page
10. Try to choose fun over "work"

Fall 2011 List:
1. Make things for Susu's wedding; Petticoat, veil, flowers, tablecloths; and have fun with sisters.
2. Finish MJL 12th anniversary present.
3. Spencer Quilt
4. Secret Sibling gift
5. File the giant pile of papers.
6. Finish Practicum.
7. Get out Baby Toys.
8. Lainey something with Abby.
9. Chelsea Wedding Book.
10. Pull some of the giant weeds.

I will be very happy if I get most of these things done. I will also try to remember what Fr. Rene said on Sunday-the Good is the enemy of the Best. I will not sacrifice what is best for what is merely good. (Best = snuggle cute girls, have fun with MJL, relax, enjoy this life, pray)

Happy Fall!


Melanie said...

Too true that the good is the enemy of the best! I've been thinking about that a lot this fall.

Better get those baby toys out soon, or Katie won't need them anymore! :)

I think I have too many things to put on a list, and not enough time to do them. {sigh} Thanks for the reminder that I can't go wrong spending time with my family!

betsyann said...

Got out baby toys today. Whew. Saved some back, should be set for Katie's Christmas! :)

Jeanette said...

Best things are the best.

Molly and Patrick said...

That's funny, because in medicine we often say, "Sometimes the enemy of good is better." When you are trying to complete X procedure, and you are thinking, "a little further, a little futher, a little further," and then OOPS, you did something you didn't really want to do. So sometimes if you have done good for a patient you can make things worse by trying to do even better...Funny. But I see your point. :)