Friday, August 19, 2011

GC Apology

Today I accidentally cut in front of someone at Dillons.

I say accidentally because surely I didn't mean to cut, right? I haven't been teaching elementary school for so long that I find cutting acceptable?

I was at the self check, and I had Katie on my hip and a container of Crisco in my hand and I was thinking to myself "Hurry!" because Katie was D.O.N.E. shopping and ready to let the world know.

So when the line opened, I zipped over and started to check out, realizing as I scanned my Crisco that I had been standing BEHIND someone else in line.

What do you do at this point? I figured it was quicker to just get out as soon as I could so I did, not EVEN turning around to apologize but just hustling out, head down. I've been feeling guilty ever since.

I'm sorry, man in Dillons buying a greeting card. I'm sorry, sweet hometown.

As penance I'm posting a link to a webpage where you can vote for a new logo and tagline for Garden City. And I'm not getting on my soapbox about hiring people from "bigger" places and how the entire culture has to change in order to change for the better and there's nothing wrong with living in a small place and if we don't figure out how to value that we will never lose the stigma that we perpetuate by hiring people from bigger places. I'm hardly going to talk about it at all.

I'm just going vote for a logo(#2) and tagline(below) and be happy about where I get to live. Logo Options

"Welcoming the World"