Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today I'm thankful for...

We started a new tradition of saying what we're thankful for every day.  It makes for nice dinner conversation.  

The other day I was thankful that this knife I dropped didn't land on my toe.

I'm also thankful that I'll be done soon with this class that's keeping me up too late.  Thursday!

Even Katie is joining in, saying "Thank You, Anna.  Thank You, kids"

I found this idea in the book "Mitten Strings for God" which was recommended on the blog On Clover Lane, which was recommended to me by Sarah at In the Mix.  It was in my Easter basket this year and I enjoyed it.  She talks about slowing down and being peaceful and thoughtful.

At one point I rolled my eyes at the "healing basket" when she was talking about taking the time to really take care of ouchies.  Then she ended the chapter with this sentence:

When I comfort my children with love and care, I teach them compassion.

That gave me pause.  So being nice teaches compassion?  And doesn't just make the children into big whiny babies?  Shoot.

I also liked what she had to say about resting on Sundays-something I've been trying to work on lately.

I've read it, now I'd like to pass it on!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you're thankful for today.

I'll give it away Friday-ish.  :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to spend a blustery morning

Fire, blankie, nap.

Jimmy and Poppa Marion know how to relish the day.

Lydia Leigh

Here's a quick sneak peek at what I'm working on for a nice niece.  If I'm going to work this hard on classes, I have to have a little fun too.  Today somehow I managed to sew for an hour with ALL THREE in the sewing room with me.  I only fished 5 or 6 things out of Jimmy's mouth.  It went great!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This weekend I went shopping with Katrina.  (And you should all just say a little extra prayer for her because anyone who goes shopping with me should get extra blessings.  I annoy myself to no end, so I can't imagine how awful it is for someone else)  I told her to pick out a pair of sunglasses for me, because I can't seem to help ending up with something ridiculous.  She carefully had me try on lots and lots of pairs and picked out some nice ones and I was all set until I spied these.

Heart shaped

                                               Multi colored

I bought both pairs they had in Target so I'd have a spare.

They make me smile every time I remember them.

Really, there are so many areas of life where we HAVE to be grown ups.  Sunglasses are not one of those.  Right?  

Monday, April 22, 2013

My quilt!

I made myself a quilt for the couch 3 or 4 years ago, and finally took it to the quilter and then finally put the binding on it and it's perfect and makes me happy every time I walk down the hall.

I found an old sheet for the backing (Goodwill) and it's just right.

This is my first post from the ipad thingy. I don't know how to organize the pictures in order or anything yet.

Let's just see what happens when I press "publish". Whee!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


This week I cleaned up my craft room, which was delightful and since then I've mended several things that were in a pile, and put the binding on my quilt that's been hanging there since November, and cut out fabric for Lydia's quilt and put together the binding for the quilt that I'm picking up tomorrow, and I layered the quilt top and batting for the quilt I need to tie.  

A clean room is more important to my spirit than I ever give it credit for.  

I also started work on this lovely basket full of soft and pretty yarn for a graduation blankie for my darling baby sister.  

    This picture didn't make the cut, but I like it.

  Now if I could just figure out some magic formula for working on the class that I am behind on.  I can't think of any other time I've been this horrible about school.

Goal for this week:  CATCH UP!  One week every night.