Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today I'm thankful for...

We started a new tradition of saying what we're thankful for every day.  It makes for nice dinner conversation.  

The other day I was thankful that this knife I dropped didn't land on my toe.

I'm also thankful that I'll be done soon with this class that's keeping me up too late.  Thursday!

Even Katie is joining in, saying "Thank You, Anna.  Thank You, kids"

I found this idea in the book "Mitten Strings for God" which was recommended on the blog On Clover Lane, which was recommended to me by Sarah at In the Mix.  It was in my Easter basket this year and I enjoyed it.  She talks about slowing down and being peaceful and thoughtful.

At one point I rolled my eyes at the "healing basket" when she was talking about taking the time to really take care of ouchies.  Then she ended the chapter with this sentence:

When I comfort my children with love and care, I teach them compassion.

That gave me pause.  So being nice teaches compassion?  And doesn't just make the children into big whiny babies?  Shoot.

I also liked what she had to say about resting on Sundays-something I've been trying to work on lately.

I've read it, now I'd like to pass it on!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you're thankful for today.

I'll give it away Friday-ish.  :)


In the Mix said...

Today I'm thankful for the angel of a woman who brought Clementine back to our house after she escaped last night without us knowing. She was only gone a few minutes... we didn't even realize she had gone. So, so, so, thankful for our neighbor.

PS. The word recognition I have to type in is "thanksgiving". :) Blogger is so with it.

Melanie said...

Neat tradition! I started journaling what I was thankful for before bed, and it really helps my perspective.

Today I'm thankful for help and a healthy baby. And strawberry milkshakes. :)

Susan said...

Can I be thankful for New Girl? It seems silly, but it makes me so happy. And Steven. I'm never thankful enough for Steven.