Monday, October 15, 2012


I want to be this:

     "I've always been attracted to magnanimous people, people with big minds and big hearts.  Magnanimity is about authentic living, truth and justice.  The magnanimous person is a passionate person who is never caught up with what is petty or small-minded.  
     We know the magnanimous person the moment we meet them.  Their love is whole-hearted, an expression of their broad minds and generous hearts.  They never get caught up in detail, fin finding fault, in nit-picking, in gossip, in backbiting, for they are generous of heart, and they single out the important things that need to be tended to and give their undivided attention and energy to them.  A magnanimous person challenges us to be true to ourselves and to live lives of integrity, truth and justice."  

11 October-  Gardening the Soul:  Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

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