Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something cheery

My dad said that I don't update my blog often enough, and he's always right so I'm updating twice today! ...and I thought we ought to move back to something cheery, as this is a cheery blog.

"Overheard in the Office" and others are websites that document how awful life in the city is. Today in 2nd grade I thought about "Overheard in the Spanish Room" and how much nicer it would be. The 2nd graders were coming up to the front of the room to read a story. As they came, a few were grumbling about not getting to stay in their seats.

Girl 1: "I like it because my eyesight is not that good."
Boy 1: "My eyesight is good, my eyesight is the best in the world."
Girl 1: "No it's not"
Boy 1: "Yes it is, it is the best in the world"
Girl 1: "Your eyesight is not better than God's eyesight, He has the best eyesight in the world" Boy 2: "Your eyesight is not that good, even if there was a wolf right in front of you you would not see it."
Boy 1: "Yes I would, and I would growl at it" Boy 1 proceeds to growl.

And then we read a story.

How about some excessively domestic thoughts?

I've decided to go ahead and switch from the generic detergent to this one. It's much nicer to pick up and pour in and even though it costs more I am getting it. I feel very luxurious and a little smug every time I do the laundry.

Tonight I made a very yummy dinner. I got a Rachael Ray cookbook for my birthday, and this is the first recipe attempt. It was delicious. I used regular pork sausage, and not as much, and part skim ricotta, and the extra good for you Barilla Penne pasta, and twice as much broccoli, and just a bit of Parmesan. I think it came out to be pretty good for you, and so tasty. Anna liked it, but she likes everything. She's nice that way.

For my birthday I got new knives, and they are so fun to use, but I need to learn how to use them well. Maybe the next time Sarah comes home she can teach me a little.

I also got a beautiful bag from Matthew. He did such a nice job on my Birthday. I got new knives-something practical that I wanted. A beautiful bag-something frivolous and pretty. And he fixed the bathtub-a chore done! Perfection.


Brandy said...


you are so cute I love it! I will be back in GC in June for my 10 yr class reunion hope to see you then.

Rachel Ray has other GREAT recipes that a soooooo easy and yummmy to eat.

Brandy (Decker) Seidel

betsyann said...

Hello! How'd you find me?

I'm working my way through my first Rachael Ray cookbook, it's been lots of fun so far. It's nice to find a cookbook that has things that taste good and are easy. Do you have any recommendations?

mollydoc said...

i love rachel ray.
i have been stalking your blog (and matt's, because he posts more pictures of Anna) since your christmas letter.
best christmas letters ever.

molly (welch) thiessen

betsyann said...

Hi Molly!

Do you not get weekly emails from me with pictures of Anna? I can add you to the list! I have a kumc address for you, will that still work?

Susan said...

Is that a Vera Bradley bag? Remember when I found mine and you told me it was ugly? Because now, two years later, you're singing a different tune and I just wanted to call you on it.

Also, it is a very beautiful bag. And Pan's Labyrinth is definitely not your type of movie.

betsyann said...

I know. I've thought about that a lot. But you've always been cooler than me.

Really? You don't think the fact that it's in Spanish will outweigh the mythical creatures and dirty people and sadness?

In the Mix said...

New knives, hmm? I'd love to help.

betsyann said...

Oooh, thank you. When will you come back to GC?

Susan said...

First, there are lots of dirty people. a little girl has to crawl through mud with big beetles crawling on her to throw these rocks into a giant frog and then the frog pukes. And, she gets this lovely dress that gets all muddy and it's very sad.

Also, it's sort of a mystical/war politics movie. there are extensive torture scenes. and it only sort of ends happily.

but the language is beautiful.

betsyann said...

eeeewww... OK. I'll take your word for it.

In the Mix said...

I don't know when we'll be back. We are going to try to get back either the second or third weekend in May before the Quams leave. :( I'll let you know.