Sunday, September 09, 2007


Last Spring the 2nd grade teacher called and asked if I would be on their Technology team this year, they needed a fourth person. I said OK. This Tuesday, I found out what I agreed to...a zillion meetings, a lot of work, presentations, papers, etc. Serves me right for not reading all of my school email I guess. I'm sure I got something about it before she asked me.

I'm not really upset though. It'll be busy for sure, I've got three meetings this week (and two quilting classes, but that's fun) so my week's hugely full. But I have the chance to earn some extra money, and I've been wanting to make a Spanish website for the school, so it'll be a chance to do that. It just makes me laugh that I had no idea what I said OK to.

I was thinking about inservices, and how lots of the time they're annoying, but sometimes you really do learn things that you need to learn. And sometimes they're very basic, but sometimes you need basic, etc. I got to thinking about real life inservices that I wish we could take.

I would like Matthew to take one on the difference between a bolt and a sippy cup. If he tightens the lids, I can BARELY get them off, and I usually get a little angry. Maybe someone could make up a PowerPoint presentation for him, and then they could practice.

I would like one on raising a two year old. VERY specific...These are the things that are going to wreck your baby up, these are the things that are OK.

I think Anna needs a lesson in efficiency. She's the piddliest little thing.

Any others?


Susan said...

I'd like an inservice on how I'm supposed to clean out my ears. Oprah says not to use Q-tips. So what am I left with?

dbilberry said...

Jeff does the same thing to just about everything he puts a lid back onto. I can never get them off without those rubber gripper thingys. Drives me nuts! Maybe they both could attend your bolt/sippy cup seminar.

mllr said...

I want to take these inservices from you
1. thrift shopping
2. sewing and quilting and general domestic skills
3. gift giving
4. thoughtfulness

linda jean said...

I don't think I want an inservice as much as I want magical powers. So I guess maybe an inservice on magical powers

malh said...

Isn't tightening lids too tight kind of like a male show their manliness? An inservice...sounds fun; invite me. btw, I've seen the ears cleaned out with a water pik, a fancy syringe, a not so fancy syringe and some specialized ear picker-outers, with flexible ends so as not to damage the ear drum. One has a tiny little loop on the end, the other has a tiny little scoop. Of course using an otoscope to see the wax helps. I, personally use generic Q-tips; I am just careful not to dig too far into the ear canal.

In the Mix said...

Another option for your ears is called candling. You can get them at the People's Grocery. They're a little pricey and you have to have a friend help you, but it feels great.