Thursday, November 04, 2010

Apple darling

There's just something about this picture that I love.

Here's our apple, complete with worm. This was a super easy costume to make. The body of the apple is stuffed with plastic sacks. I got the idea for the apple construction here.

I used this hat pattern, and then just made a leaf and stem from felt and put them in when I sewed it up.
Anna traced her hand to make the mittens, and drew the face parts onto felt, and then I hand stitched them on.

Happy Halloween!


dbilberry said...

Have her wear it again next year and then each of you could be a different fruit so you could be the fruit of a loom folks. Great job Mama. Very cute!

Nanny Smith said...

Betsy, that is SO cute!

mllr said...

I love this sooo much.

The Tidwells said...

Ok, that looks really comfy - can I have one?