Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Studio 2: Storage

Months ago I got some white storage drawers at an auction. It was wonderful to finally put stuff in them.

This one has paper goodies: wires for the bind-it all, paper, cardboard, trash (packaging that I want to make something out of), Anna art (that I want to make things out of), and bits of paper left over from other things that I've made (that I want to make something else out of).

This other big set of drawers has all sorts of crafty things. Three of the drawers are just labeled "crafty bits". That means little things that I want to make things out of; old crayons, puzzle pieces, nice wooden boxes, etc. I discovered in organizing the room that I like the word "bits".

I also have a drawer for Anna, and (eventually) Katie. It has coloring and project books and paper and crayons for kid projects.

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