Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer List

I could really feel life getting back to "normal" this season.  It was busy, and then things evened out and I started to feel in control again.  Time for a new baby, I guess!

Spring 2012 List

1.  Spencer Quilt  Done and delivered!
2.  Levi something Done-not delivered but wrapped and ready.  :)
3.  Lainey  & Mark something Lainey says I already got something for her wedding.  That may be just her being nice.  I really can't remember. 
4.  Drew & Jenna something I just bought something.  Which is fine. 
5.  Finish Threesie's blanket  Thanks to being laid up at the cabin and spending lots of time in a chair.
6.  Mulch the front bushes
7.  Fix the rose bush area by the back door.  Really I'm waiting on someone to bring me the dirt across the yard.  Too hard for this Mama to lug around buckets of dirt. 
8.  Plant some flowers on the porch.
9.  Finish Portfolio!!!!!!!
10.  Finish Sociolingüística
11.   Mail that pile of boxes!
12.  Make something to keep Anna school work-binder, digital album, something.  I just put things into page protectors in a big binder-a few things from each year.  

I'm trying to be reasonable and have low expectations-Summer is for enjoying.

Summer 2012 List

1.  Finish last class for Master's degree!!!!!
2.  Get out all the baby stuff. Abby came out and helped.  What would I possibly do without her?
3.  Figure out how to fit baby and Katie into one room. 
4.  Fix the rose bush area by the back door. Done 8/9/12-hauling of dirt and everything!
5.  Enjoy Summer activities-swimming and VBS and Arts and Crafts Camp and sno cones and fun.
6.  Start Chelsea's quilt (See how reasonable I am-my only goal is to START)
7.  Begin Library classes!
8.  Do some paper crafting.
9.  Make back to school skirt with Anna.
10.  Have a baby!
11.  Make Threesie CDs and birth announcements.
12.  Keep up with pictures and emails.

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Melanie said...

Great list! I especially like #10. Have a baby! :) Cracking up about the rose bush area--seems I am often waiting for Someone to move something around for me. Why isn't Someone quicker at getting their to-do list done??