Monday, July 28, 2014

Fair Notes

Whew!  I'm starting this post about 5 hours into having animals at the Fair, and there are lots of things I want to remember for next year...
  1. Leave Monday open for baking, then you'll have all day to get ready for the foods judging on Tuesday.
  2. Buy paper plates and ziplocs to take food in. 
  3. In a last minute emergency situation they have stalls at the fair to wash the pigs if you don't get it done before check in. 
  4. Little horns on the goats are fine and don't stress about the Vet check.
  5. Have Anna make a sign for our stalls this winter.
  6. The kids should all have boots.  They want to be in the stalls and you will worry about their toes.
  7. You want boots too.
  8. Make something like breakfast burritos early in the summer and save them.  These are late nights and early mornings and everyone is hungry.  There is no breakfast at the concession stand.
  9. MJL says she doesn't need to change before meeting with judges but you will feel bad that she is dirty.  Consider taking other clothes/shoes.  
  10. Clear dish soap to wash the animals.
  11. Remember the "Destination Cards" for showing the animals.
  12. When they order the Fair T-shirts get one for each of the kids.  They will all want one. 
  13. The little ones can all show in PeeWee division and they will want to.
  14. There is some kind of peach colored card to fill out if they want to get a ribbon for PeeWee Showmen.
  15. Get the little green cards and fill them out as soon as you can.  Having everything ready helps you sleep.
  16. Keep dry cleaner bags throughout the year for Clothing Construction entries.
  17. Do business calls ASAP after the meeting so you don't have to worry about it later.
  18. Mounting the photos is not hard.  You just need spray adhesive and the mats.  Make a jig for spacing.
  19. Save good craft/art projects from the school year.  Art needs to be framed/hangable.
  20. Get a small brush that Anna can fit in her back pocket for the swine show.  
  21. She's supposed to keep the other card in her pocket.
  22. People brush their goats too.  Consider getting a goat brush.  
  23. Katie and Jimmy both want their own crops. 
  24. Need more than one showing outfit if no time for laundry.  Have a backup idea.
  25. Extra shoes if we're going to be at the fair all day.  Boots all day = blisters.
  26. Katie is allergic to something.  It doesn't bother her too much, but her eyes get puffy and her nose runs and she sneezes.  **The kids Allegra 12 hour seems to help without side effects.**
  27. The free sno cones last for hours.  You don't have to stand in the long line at 3:00.
  28. The balloon man is amazing and will keep even Jimmy entertained for quite a while. 
  29. MJL wants to make more floor boards for all of the pens.  Don't forget to measure!
  30. Buy a chain collar for the goat.  
  31. Talk to Kari M. about the goat place north of town.
  32. You are all super tired, but if you do ONE thing like load the dishwasher or pick up each time you come home to sleep it will really help.
  33. Clearance sand toys to play with under the bleachers.
  34. PULL a stroller through deep sand.
  35. Keep a list of people you want to write thank you notes for. 
  36. Some people say that the "Spot" pigs are harder to deal with.
  37. Build a pen for the goats at our house so the animals are together and closer.
  38. The foods building has A/C!
  39. Having both cars in town is worth it.
  40. Just introduce yourself.  Everyone is nice.
  41. Check junk pile for Quonset.
  42. Livestock clean up actually starts at 7:00 AM
  43. St. Mary's has a Mass at 4:30 on Saturday-you could still get back in time for the auction meal.
  44. They line the kids up about 20 numbers ahead of where they are in the auction.
  45. Take a box or basket to gather up all of the entries.
  46. Label all of the livestock stuff.
  47. The 4H mall online has books that explain what to do for each project.
  48. Be looking for fans with v shaped bottoms for goat pens.
  49. Fix up the livestock trailer this winter.
  50. Water the plants on the front porch!
  51. Have enough staples and easy dinners for 2 recovery days. 
  52. It is exhausting but super fun.  You loved it.  

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