Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer 2015

Alas, still no time yet, though the ideas and the photos and even videos(!)  pile up.  Some day.  But I heard on the radio yesterday that this weekend was the start of official summer and I was shocked!  I was pleasantly surprised to check the list.  I was afraid nothing would be checked off.

Spring 2015
  • Kathryn Quilt   Not in time for graduation, but it's at the quilter's now!
  • Baby gifts (so many-don't even count, just make as many as you can and it won't be enough)  Got some burp cloths done for Susan and Hailey, though not in time for either shower.  Still have 5 babies coming and another born last Spring that has nothing yet...
  • Put down Weed Barrier Fabric around new trees.  NO.  And there are so many weeds.  Sorry, little plants.  
  • Install Drip system around new trees. Also no, but it rained and rained, which buys me some time.  
  • Pull up old weed fabric around lilacs.  Some, but not all.  
  • Porch Flowers   Thanks Katrina!  We're enjoying them every day.  
  • Keep weeding the yard. Eh.  
  • Redo lawn chair No, I realized the size cover I have is for a lounge chair, which I keep forgetting to get from Dad's house.  
  • Spring Semester Reading Party "The B!"  A smallish party this semester.  I forgot to keep reminding the kids to turn in their papers.  
  • One Anna sewing project. Yes!  One little skirt done and so cute.  
  • Family Pictures for Church   Yes!  I haven't picked up our 8x10 yet though.  
  • That big green box you keep avoiding full of drawings and stuff. Sigh, no.  There it is, mocking me.  It probably won't take that long even.  
  • Anna's Birthday   I think she was happy.  10 is so big!
  • Susan's Baby Shower  Yes!  And it was lovely.  
  • Continue CD project. I honestly can't remember if I worked on it this Spring or not.  

So, Spring was OK.  Lots of things undone, but some really big things WERE done, so let's feel good about it.  Hooray for Spring!

Summer 2015
  • Baby Gifts: Not as many as I would have liked, but some.
    • Burp Cloths
    • Little Blankies
    • Binky holders
  • Do some of the stuff in the yard that needs doing.    I'm so thankful for this wording!  "some" definitely got done. 
  • Redo lounge chair from Dad's house.
  • Father's Day Paintings
  • The Fair  It's a good thing I put this on the list, because when I feel like I got nothing done, I can check the list and remember that I did do a lot of things. 
    • Pigs
    • Goats
    • Dress
    • Skirt
    • Visual Arts
    • Photography
    • Crochet
    • Concession Stand
    • Foods
  • Help Susu with the new baby!
  • Start a new school year.  
  • SWIM and breathe and enjoy it all.  Eat sno cones and look around at the sweet sticky faces and listen to what they are saying.  No items matter more than this.    Not enough.  But some.
There are many more ideas swirling around, but I'm trying so hard to remember that last one.   And I think I've come to the conclusion that multitasking makes me cranky.  So.  Do less, breathe more, relax.  Enjoy it.  

Hooray for Summer!  

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Kelsey Gray said...

It is so hard to get to lists and all those jobs. Maybe I should make a list, or maybe not. I like to think I did accomplish a lot over the summer, even if I really didn't. We mommies carry so much! You did amazing on your list, in my opinion.
I finally got our room painted, a new quilt on the bed, and new curtains. After 2.5 years of living in a bad looking area.
And we have been finishing a room downstairs. That's about it!