Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas All Year Plan

I was too busy this December, staying up too late and not having enough fun, so I thought I'd try another way.

I made a year long schedule to try and break up the work of Christmas, doing a little each month so maybe December can be mostly baking bread and enjoying the season.  I always try to shop all year long, but this past year I didn't have much time at all, and everything seemed a little leaner because of it.  Hopefully I can sneak into some stores this year.

January:  Shop clearance for: Flannel Sheet set to make jammies, ornaments, stocking stuffers, etc.

February:  Make better Christmas Spreadsheet with all of the required columns.  Ask MJL for help.

March:  Choose and plan Tree Skirt and gather supplies.

April:  Make Tree Skirt, gather ideas for gifts to make.

May: Make gifts.

June:  Make gifts.

July:  Choose ornament to make for the year, gather ornament supplies.

August:  Make ornaments at cabin, ask about Christmas lists, choose first pictures for calendar.

September:  Shopping, make jam, spend coke points, spend credit card points.

October:  Final Shopping, DOUBLE CHECK SPREADSHEET! Start making PJ's.

November:  Wrap all gifts, spreadsheet, Quicken report for Dad, finish jammies by Thanksgiving.

December:  ORDER MJL BDAY CAKE! Bake Bread, take photo of kiddos in jammies, order calendars on good Shutterfly sale with mug, ornament, etc.

ENJOY the season.  This is the only Christmas when Anna is 12, Katie 6, Jimmy 5, Teddy 3, and Harry 1.  The only one.

It still feels like a lot to do, but considering I have been doing most of this in December, surely it will be more manageable if I can spread it out a bit.

Any other tips for making life more efficient and fun?

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