Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happiness is found in little things.

Megan spent the day at my house and we had such fun. We made things. First we made the pincushions, but blogger doesn't work same way my brain does, so the pictures are backwards.

We made 10 bags! Some Megan had started, but these beautiful 6 were from scratch. I love making bags. Megan showed me how and it's easy peasy. I will now be one of those girls in the grocery store who brings her own bags and saves the earth from plastic and earns 5 cents a pop. We figured that's at least $12.00 a year!! Imagine!

We made adorable pincushions, but I'm impatient and so the pictures are blurry. They're so cute! Watch out, you may all get these for Christmas. Here's the inspiration.

That last one is mine. I almost want to take the time to pin things now. (almost). It says "Happiness is found in little things". My favorite kind of motto is the kind that is cutesy and accompanied by a drawing of a cute little girl. I tend to surround myself with these. I have a little platter in the kitchen that says "Every day is a happyday", with a little girl; a little wooden sign in my craft room that says "The time to be thoughtful is now", with a little girl; and three books with drawings of little girls that are filled with the same sort of cutesy sayings. But they all make me happy, so, I guess it's true--Happiness is found in little things.

Happy Mother's Day to you, and may you find happiness in little things.


Susan said...

I think it's an Alsop thing, because I have a Peanuts calendar that has a different saying about happiness each month. This month it is "Happiness is living in a high-rise" and shows Woodstock in a nest, above four other nests. Oh, silly Woodstock.

Happy Mother's Day. I'll see you in a week!

betsyann said...

I love Alsops! And Matthew loves Woodstock. Ask him about it sometime.

Don't forget to call your Mom.

In the Mix said...

Love the bags. My sister and I bought fabric a couple of weeks ago to do the very same thing. You've inspired me to get myself in gear.

betsyann said...

Oooh! Post pictures! I haven't been to the store yet, I go on Wednesdays, but I'm really excited.

linda jean said...

Yay! I'm excited since I heard maybe there was a bag for a girl who is still a little spooked by sewing machines.