Saturday, August 18, 2007


Back To School Fatigue

I always forget about how tired it makes me to go back to school. I also always forget (until Open House) how much I love this job. I love the kids, I love teaching Spanish, it's so much fun.

We're using the new curriculum this year, I taught today using the books, and it's fun. It feels like cheating, to just do what the books say to do, but I think it will be nice this year, to have a break, and still feel like the kids are learning, and really immerse myself in this curriculum, to see what it does.

I'm also training for a 10K. I've never done anything like this before, and I hesitate to mention it here, because then if I don't make it, it'll be public, but I want to do it. They're having the first annual Laura K (Kleysteuber) 10K on October 6, and I decided I wanted to do it. It's raising money for the cancer center. I've been running this summer, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I found an 8 week training program online, so this is what I've been following. Anyone want to do it with me? I'm a slow jogger, but I'd welcome the support. I'm off to bed now, I've got three miles scheduled for the morning. :)


Brandy said...

you can so do that Betsy. It is just over 6 miles and that is doable. I started running with an iPod and the Nike plus system that keeps track of your pace, distance, time, and calories burn. It took me just over an hour and I kept a 10 min mile pace. I'd love to do that but I an in KC. I'd love to send some $ to you for the support so let me know where.

Brandy (Decker) Seidel

mllr said...

I would like to be a runner but I can run about 1/8 mile before I give up and will probably never happen. I was curious about your training, but couldn't see your link.
PS glad you love your job!

betsyann said...

There--I fixed the link.

Thanks for the encouragement Brandy. I'll post when I know more about how the support will work.

Linda said...

Hey Betsy. I found your blog through Katrina and have been reading yours occasionally. I can totally relate to the BTSF. I am feeling it too. I was so sad to go back to school, but then the Open House totally gets to excited and ready to be back. I hope you have a great year this year. See you soon.

linda jean said...

linda's appearance in the comments has totally made me forget what I wanted to say. i read it thinking "i don't remember commenting".
i wish i could join you in running, i'm afraid it took me 3 months to get up to a half mile the one time i tried, and it was august that made me totally give up because of the extreme allergy problems.

Jenny said...

Good job with the running! I wish I could like running, but sadly I really hate it.

Strangely, starting home school has created a similar exhaustion in me as starting school has for you. It's not like I'm keeping up a vigorous pace or looking after a room full of kids like you. Maybe it is just the change to our routine? I am not really a structured person. All I know is I went to bed at 7:30 pm the first night and 8:00 pm the second night that we started home school. Ah, delicious sleep....

Susan said...

I keep trying to run and it keeps being 107 degrees. But I've printed out the schedule and have it on my wall, to try and guilt me into getting up early.

malh said...

mllr's walk is equivilent to my jog...which I used to do. I decided to really be beneficial, it needs to be at least 3 miles, and I don't think I ever made it past 2. Your job sounds is so cool when someone loves what they do.

betsyann said...

Oooh, thanks for all the comments. I love comments.

Linda--The BTSF gets better every year. Just rest through it and know that it'll end.

Linda Jean--It's a walk/run, you could totally walk in it. And probably keep up with me because I'm so poky.

Jenny--I think Homeschool would be so hard because you don't get to leave work! Congrats on such a good start.

Susu--You can jog at night? Getting up early is hard but worth it!

MALH--Who says two miles isn't worth it? Anything is good for you. Leslie Sansone says two miles a day is perfect.