Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have too many New Year's Resolutions bouncing around in my head. I know that I ought to narrow it down to two or three resolutions that I really try to stick to...but I'd like to lay them all out here to look at first. We'll see later about the narrowing.

I've also thought about putting them into categories, so that I just have two or three big resolutions, with lots of bullet points, but it's really the same thing as having lots of resolutions, isn't it? Just more organized.

Be more healthy:
1. 5 fruits and veggies a day.
2. 8 glasses of water.
3. 7 hours of sleep a night. (even in a resolution, I know 8's just not realistic)
4. Get up before school to use my new treadmill!
5. Incorporate new fruits and veggies into our lives.

Be more happy:
1. Try to sit more, not rush from one project to the next.
2. See more friends, make time to talk on the phone.
3. Be nicer to Matthew.
4. Enjoy Anna.

Be more holy:
1. Don't sleep too late to go to church. Enjoy both services.
2. Read through the Bible. I got a 90 day Bible last year and made it to day 15. :( Try again. :)
3. Pray more in a more focused way. I'm good with spotty prayer, little moments during the day, but not so much with the dedicated time.

And then there are the things that seem to me to be more like goals than resolutions. I'm not sure what the difference is.

1. Support more local business and buy more handcrafted things.
2. Take the GRE and start my master's program.
3. Find more new music to love.

So...15 things. We'll see how it goes.

Happy New Year!


Anselm said...

Wow! You're ambitious. Here's to success in the new year! (this is Sarah, by the way)

betsyann said...

I know...Probably too much so. It will be hard to "sit more" if I really want to do everything else on my list too. I'm trying to figure out how to double some of them up...Can I read and pray while on the treadmill? 3 birds, one stone?

But thanks for the encouragement!

Susan said...

Happy New Year, Bets! I'll help you with the new music thing. And the sitting thing. I'm very good at both.

malh said...

Betsy--I read while I am on my treadmill. I run a little at first to get my HR up then slow it down just enough to read. jmlo used to read the Bible while she walked up and down the stairs at home. Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

This post makes me smile - of course you have 15 resolutions. :-) I love your ambition and determination - I should let it rub off on me and go make my own list now.

Anonymous said...

music suggestion for you and the kiddo--elizabeth mitchell and daniel littleton's you are my sunshine or you are my flower albums. folky, if you like that sorta thing. we've really enjoyed them.