Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some of everything

One of my other resolutions, not listed, was to try to update my blog more... I love to read everyone else's and want them to update more, so in golden rule light, I should update more too. But I have a hard time doing that.

It's been busy, getting back on track, but I feel like we might be starting to settle in. I finished getting the Birthday cards ready for the year, I always feel a little antsy when I haven't finished that, but now it's done and everyone should get cards and I don't have to worry about forgetting someone. It really does feel relaxing to me to get that done. Sending Birthday cards makes me happy. Getting them all organized ahead of time is like a little present to myself. I get to have the joy of sending them all year long, without the hassle. It does take a little while, but it's not too bad. I address the ones that I think will be in the same place for awhile, and by the end I have the big families addresses memorized, so that's easy, and then I just put a little sticky note with the date and file them in the Birthday box and take them out one month at a time and put them with my bills. So cards may not arrive that close to the actual Birthday, since I send them all out on Tuesdays, but it's close enough, and easy for me.
I have a student teacher this semester! His name is Adam and he's the brother in law of a friend of mine from K-State, a sweet girl I student taught with. I'm pretty excited about it, it'll be so nice to have another teacher in the classroom, we'll be able to do centers, and small groups, and he's already done tons of the little things that I never find time to do. It makes me nervous, I want to do a good job and I'm not terribly sure how exactly to do that, but at least I like teaching, so the experience can't be worse for him than my student teaching with the teacher who hated her job.

My crafting basket is overflowing. I have so many projects and ideas and things to try. Katrina gave me a beautiful book for Christmas, and I want to make EVERYTHING. I want to keep sewing clothes for Anna, and play around some more with altering clothes for myself, and I want to make a t-shirt quilt, and there are 8 babies coming! It's fun to have so much sweet project motivation.

The January mantel gives me fits. Maybe you can help. I never feel like it looks right. Linda made me these "orbs" to put in the silver bowl, because it looked funny with the empty silver bowl, but I still think something looks wrong. More orbs? Last year I had flowers in the bowl, but I didn't like that either. I thought maybe the flowers on the bottom would give a feeling of snow, and that the sparse look would be sort of wintery, but I'm not sure about any of it. I don't feel like I have this trouble with any other month. Here's a picture--input welcome.

Hmm...this post seems boring to me. I'll try to get some Anna cuteness or projects posted soon.


nikki said...

i am so glad to see a slice of your life...jeff and i were just talking about boyd hall a few days ago- so many memories!! tell matt "hi" and anna is beautiful!!

Susan said...

8 babies? where are they all coming from? and the lengthy birthday card explanation is very apropos of this blog. i don't think i used that word right. but i'm always happy when you blog.

mllr said...

I love the mantle...looks just right to me! You are such a motivated giver, I am trying to be more like you.

In the Mix said...

What about sprigs of red berries for your mantle? Sort of the last bit if goodies for the birds at the end of winter?
And 8 babies? From which people?

betsyann said...

Nikki--Aren't blogs fun? It's so nice to find people again. I was thinking the other day about our daydreams of having a trained rabbit in our room.

Susan and Sarah--
The babies...3 teachers at my school, 2 cousins, and 4 far away friends. One I already gave a present to, but I'll count her anyway. So then we're at 9 for 2008! So far!

I think you used apropos correctly, sounds right to me and according to my interpretation of the dictionary.

Red berries...I think that's a good idea...where would you put them?

mllr--Thanks, you're always so kind to me.