Thursday, January 17, 2008


I made a few quick things in the last two days, including a dress for Anna out of an old sweater I'd already cut the sleeves off of... her description? "This is a terrible dress". I have to agree. It didn't work.

More successful were the leggings. I made a pair of leg warmers last night-- made seems excessive in description. I cut the worn out feet out of a pair of pretty wool socks and there you go--baby leg warmers. Here's a picture.
Tonight Matthew made dinner (bliss!) so I had time to make a pair of tights/leggings out of an old scarf that was soft and pretty and that I've had in the "make something out of" basket for quite a while. These turned out really well. Anna's in bed now though, and I forgot to get a picture so you don't get an "action shot" of these. I think I'm getting pants figured out. That's exciting.
Also here's a picture of Cephas' snake. I had him here for repair, and since I won't be spoiling anyone's Christmas, here's a picture. He's made out of an old tie stuffed with poly-fil and a wire hanger to make him bendy. He was fun to make, but took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I saw the idea somewhere online...sorry I'm not sure where.


mllr said...

Anna looks so grown up with her hair the leggings!

betsyann said...

"with her hair curled..." That made me laugh. I think you mean, "with her hair uncombed for days." But she does look big.