Friday, February 01, 2008


I started studying in earnest for the GRE today. I know I'm a big nerd, but I'm having lots of fun. I did the verbal section today. Guess my weakness--not crazy vocabulary or tricky analogies...reading comprehension. So spending the last 8 years flying through novels and skimming the conflict to get to the happy ending DIDN'T help my brain? Rats!

Here's an analogy sample for you. I think they're the most fun. Remember to be Specific. That's usually what trips me up.

Electricity : Wire

a. fluid : pipe
b. car : highway
c. river : bank
d. light : bulb
e. music : instrument

Reel : Tape

a. ball : string
b. turntable : record
c. tire : wheel
d. skein : yarn
e. spool : thread

Cut : Laceration

a. park : place
b. slit : gap
c. knife : separation
d. hole : puncture
e. boil : blister

Back to work! Answers tomorrowish.


mllr said...


jmlo said...

So what are you using to study for the GRE?

betsyann said...

Answers are a, e, b. That last one tripped EVERYONE up. Since mllr was the only one brave enough to try it out in the public forum, she wins some sort of prize. I'll make something soon. :)

jmlo--I'm using a Kaplan study book, and Matthew for the math. I wanted to cry when I started the math. We have a study date tonight.

mllr said...

I am glad I won, but I still think my answer is better on question 3. Why is b the answer?

betsyann said...

A laceration is a large cut. A gap is a large slit. A hole and a puncture are the same size.