Friday, February 15, 2008

Home Alone!

Matthew and Anna are off in Oregon, and I'm taking full advantage of the empty house to do lots of projects.

First, I made Anna a little sweatshirt before they left so that she'd be especially cute on the plane. My first appliqué. I cut up one of Abby's old sweaters and put a heart on a red sweatshirt. I was pleased.
On the first night, I saw my parents for a little bit and finished the star blanket I've been working on. But another baby was added to the tally (Congratulations Brandi!) and so I've got 5 gifts left on the list.
Yesterday I made a good start on the biggest project, painting my bedroom. I moved everything out, taped, washed the walls, and laid down most of the plastic. Then my family insisted that I take a break and see them for awhile, so Abby and I finished a little Valentine's fleece blanket and we had some pizza. Here's a before and "in progress" of the room.Oh, when I was at Home Depot buying paint, I saw some plate covers in a Clearance cart that I thought would look nice in the Paris bathroom, so I got them (super cheap!) and put them in too.
I'm having way too much fun. I'm using my old "Boom Box" that was the huge hit of 5th grade Christmas and listening to old tapes. I decided yesterday that, weird as I am, I really LOVE working.


Jenny said...

The star blanket is really cool! What color will the bedroom be?

betsyann said...

Thanks Jenny! It was fun to make. The bedroom's sort of a buttery yellow. I don't think the pictures will give you any idea really.

Linda said...

I love seeing pictures of Anna. She is just so cute, but I'm sure you know that! Your room is looking good. Thanks for the encouragement on the 10K. Hopefully I will love it. That is what everyone tells me will happen. Glad you found my blog too. I look at yours occasionally, so I figured I had better comment so you wouldn't have a lurker out there. :)