Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tonight, when I told Anna we were having Chinese food (Shannon's yummy stir-fry) she squealed with delight and ran over to the silverware drawer.

"It is Chinese food so I can use my chopsticks! They are eating things! For eating Chinese food!"

She knows this because she has asked a zillion times about them, when doing her "chore" of putting away the silverware.

During dinner she said:

"I call these my gymnastic noodles, because they are from the place where they do gymnastics."

After dinner, when getting ready for bed, she informed us (while laying on the floor with her head on her blankie) that she did not want to go to sleep. Matthew told her she could just lay in her bed in the dark and think. She told him:

"I will think that I want to get up."

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mllr said...

gymnastic noodles...her mind is so interesting! It is so great that you are writing all this down.