Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September Gift

At just the right moment, it rained, and the million dormant sunflowers all came up to see me.

(I wish I could take a better picture) (or get better resolution here) (but you get the idea)

And people say it's not pretty where I live.


Melanie said...

Our weekly travels take us past a ditch and hill COVERED with wild sunflowers. J keeps asking if we can stop so she can get out and pick some. It's hard to say no. :) So pretty and sun-shiney!

betsyann said...

Oh! Someday you should stop. I finally stopped to take pictures on Sunday and was amazed to discover when I got back in the car, that it only took 2 minutes! Worth it! But wear gloves because the wild ones are PRICKLY!

malh said...

I told Robert on the cruise that the ocean reminded me of home. It's flat and you can see forever. beautiful pic.