Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Slippin' 'n' slidin'

I guess the "5 and up" age limit might not just be about safety. At 5 do you understand the concept of flinging your body onto the slide? We couldn't explain it to Anna, even after I demonstrated.

She found a way to have fun though--



Trinket said...

You know what I find most interesting about watching this? The realization that MATT is a DAD. Of course, I knew that, but watching this, not only does he remind me of his dad, but of memories I have with my dad, and how Anna will remember the time Daddy pushed her down the slip 'n slide and be embarrassed in junior high when you tell people the story. It makes me smile!

Jenny said...

Hah! My mom has that same slip and slide, and both boys attacked it with gusto this summer. So maybe if you are 4.5 then you get it? Also, hers came with this bonus little "raft" thingy you could put in front of you to slide on. That is a horrible description of the object, but I think it helped the boys to see what they were supposed to do. And it was something for them to fight over, so that's always a bonus. :-)

mllr said...

Why fling yourself if you can get a great push off like that.

dbilberry said...

I was thinking the same thing mllr. Having a personal slave to push you everytime sounds like WAY more fun to me. Of course the thought of flinging myself onto that thing as a grown adult woman is quite terrifying and perhaps distorting my view of fun now days. I would have liked to seen a video of Betsy's demo on how to do this. Wasn't that a bit painful?