Thursday, August 21, 2008

The lonely garden


So that's why pickles were invented.


So that's what tomato cages are for.

I finally went out and spent some time in my poor garden today. With all of the rain, I haven't needed to water, so it's been neglected. The weeds made a fence around the whole thing and it's work just to get in.

The zucchini seems to have given up, crowded out by the massive tomato plants.

The yellow squash is fighting valiantly back, I think I'll have another 15 squash later this week.

The cucumbers, who've mixed with the cantaloupe, are all over the place and producing zillions of cucumbers. I don't even like cucumber.

The tomatoes, sans cages, have grown wild and taken over yards of garden, but they're sprawling and thick and so no light gets to the little tomatoes, and they're perpetually green. And nibbled by bunnies.

The cantaloupes, which did look so good, now look like an elephant came and stepped on them, or like vampire bunnies came and sucked all of the insides out. I really don't understand what happened there.

The watermelon still seems happy. When should I pick him?

Here's the bounty for today. Some of them look too big to be good to me. Does that happen? Do they get too big to be good?


The Gray Roach said...

Oh, I had a much needed laugh after looking at the pics of cantaloupes!!! Thanks Betsy. Your garden must be huge.

Trinket said...

Mmm, cucumbers. If we lived there, I'd definitely take them off your hands!

Susan said...

Bring all your cucumbers when you visit next week. I love 'em. And yes, I think they get bitter if they're too big. Just what I overheard a teacher saying these week. Who knows.

jmlo said...

great garden!

mllr said...

Even with the days of neglect, your yellow squash and zucchini are so much nicer than what I bought at the store yesterday.

In the Mix said...

I love cucumbers too. Bring some for me when you come next week too. I agree with Susan, they get bitter when they get too big.
Those cantaloupes are crazy. I like to think it's the vampire bunnies getting fat off the innards of the melon. It makes me smile.

Totally off subject but I don't need you to bring my ring with you next week. Ken was through this week and so I have it now. Thanks.

Jenny said...

Mmmmmm, I need a garden. Or you to be closer with your garden and surplus vegetables. :-)