Saturday, August 09, 2008

Girls Day In

Today Anna and Mama ignored the messy house, forgot about the unfinished classroom, and threw all responsibility out the window and spent the whole day in Mama's bed watching the Olympics and building things out of pillows. It was lovely.

Time to get back to it!

Go World!


Susan said...

That sounds wonderful! I spent the whole day watching the Olympics too, but I bet it would've been much more fun with you two. Lub lub.

malh said...

Sounds fun. Did you watch the girls shooting? It was so boring.--We were watching a live stream on Xbox.

mllr said...

Your bed looks so comfy...a perfect place to spend the day!...nice companion too!

In the Mix said...

Yay for the Olympics!!!

The Gray Roach said...

I'm jealous and one day Charis will be old enough to do that with me. And BTW, what a pretty little princess you have!
And I love the yellow walls, I'm thinking of doing yellow to brighten our room.