Friday, April 09, 2010

Jelly Bean Bags

Saturday morning Anna and I sat down to make something for Easter.

We looked through lots of ideas in the One Pretty Thing archives, and together picked out something that looked fun and easy to make; Bag of Beans! from the purl bee.

I got out our box of felt and we picked out as many different colors as we could find. I traced the beans and cut them out, and Anna pinned the pieces together. (I'm hoping by starting her early on pinning, she won't hate it like I do. And then maybe she'll do mine for me. And she'll be a better seamstress and stuff.)

I stitched them up, we turned them inside out and filled them with beans (I'm glad I bought the giant too big bag of beans when we made the beanbags for Valentines Day-it's fun to have extra beans on hand)

Then I looked in my box of canvas scraps and remembered I had some jelly bean canvas! I made a little drawstring bag to keep them in. It was a great morning. The only problem was that I didn't have very many colors of felt, and the acrylic felt starts to feel icky after you work with it for maybe...someone should get me some of this for my Birthday? (scroll down to the bottom for the pretty multi packs) :)

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