Thursday, May 06, 2010

Junk Mail

In this story I fall prey to direct mail advertising.

Somehow the world found out that I like to make stuff.

I got a packet full of advertisements for all sorts of different crafty websites and stores and was able to throw almost all of it away.

But Goodybeads sent me a coupon too! Stinkers. How am I supposed to throw away a $10 coupon? So I got online and browsed around and ended up buying a kit to make a letter opener and some beads to go with it.

I don't think beading is my craft. It was kind of fun to pick out the beads, but it would have been better in person, and I was disappointed in the letter opener. I stripped the screw trying to get the end on tight (it advertised that it would screw down 1/8" to get "a perfect fit" and mine was not perfect). I ended up using superglue-which I do always enjoy.

It's for Katrina, in her new fancy office job away from the kiddos. I do like it, and I suppose it was a good lesson in not succumbing to junk mail temptations.

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Trinket said...

It looks nice in my new, fancy drawer. I can't wait 'til I open mail! Thank you!