Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Pillows

Every year I'm happy to put the Christmas Quilt I made on the bed, but it bothers me that I don't have Christmas Pillows to match. Finally this year I made some!

I had the green tree fabric in my Christmas stash, and backed them with left over red fleece from Anna's apple costume.

I found this giant Christmas scarf at Goodwill and backed it with some fusible fleece to make it sturdy. That took forever! I had some golden fabric in my Christmas box too, so no expense there.

But as I was feeling all self-congratulatory for using a 99 cent scarf to make my giant pillow cover, it occurred to me that I ought to also include the $7 for fusible fleece, and then it occurred to me that making Christmas Pillow Shams in the first place is not really all that thrifty, but it was fun, and they make me happy every day. So there.


easton's momma said...


Here is a link to Hot Dog Pillowcases (hopefully). If not, just look it up. It's super easy and then you can make pillow cases for all seasons! Mae Jean just told us about it at Stuff N Such a few weekends ago. Then you posted this, so I did a search and sure enough, tutorials all over the place. You'll love it!

In the Mix said...

I don't think any Christmas decorations could be considered frivolity. I think they are necessary. :)
Lovely quilt and pillows.

Nanny Smith said...

I agree with Sarah, Christmas decorations always make me happy, so therefore, I do NOT think they are frivolous! I think your pillows and quilt look wonderful!