Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter List

Didn't do as well on the Fall list this year, all that sickness slowed me down, and probably I should add "grow a baby" and give myself some credit for that. Here's how it came out.

Fall 2010 List

1. Anna Fans Book; three years. I did all 5 years, so that was good.
2. Go through baby clothes 0-6 months.
3. Find baby equipment and clean. I can't really get out the baby stuff until there's a place to put it. And that's not up to me. We're getting there.
4. Design Anna Room. 99% done.
5. Design Craft Studio. I think I just need to get into the room first and see how my things fit.
6. Crochet Tummy Blanket. 65% done?
7. Finish Cabin Quilts. I finished Susan's, but not mine.
8. Keep up with Bible in a year and Prayer book. Bible yes, prayer book no.
9. SS Gift. Purchased, not hand made. :(
10. Make Mom's Bread. 4 loaves so far!
11. One Senior Gift. Not a lick of progress. :(
12. Tummy CD. 60% done?
13. Re-pot plants. Nope

So, not great, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Winter 2011 List

1. Enjoy Christmas.
2. Have a baby.
3. Get sub plans done.
4. Move MJL office.
<5. Move Craft Room.
6. Move Anna.
7. Set up Tummy's Room.
8. Make some things.
9. Enjoy being home with baby.
10. Spend good time with Anna.

I'm really trying to pare it down to the minimum this season. It'll be good for me.


In the Mix said...

I think it's a good list. I'm especially looking forward to #2 on your list. Yay for meeting tummy!

Roach Momma said...

Your list looks great! And good job on the fall list! I hope construction is going well and all your room moves go smoothly :)

Melanie said...

You're so organized! Good job on all you got crossed off.

I want more details on how you did Anna's book. :) (like, a scrapbook, or a photo book from a website, or published from a blog, etc.) I'm always looking for good memory-keeping ideas!

betsyann said...

Once I get the books back, I'll do a post about the whole process-that way it'll be a complete review. I used Blurb.

Melanie said...

Can't wait to hear--I am wanting to use Blurb to do my 2010 RH Reports!