Monday, November 07, 2011

"after the wedding"

Today begins a magical time---I don't think there's a single person in my life who hasn't been put off with the phrase-"after the wedding". (Now Sus, don't feel bad-I loved helping make your day lovely and special) Here's a partial list of the things I'm now going to do:

1. Teach Anna to crochet.
2. Go to a Bible Study with one of the teachers from school.
3. Finish my class!
4. Put away the Halloween stuff.
5. See Katrina.
6. Call Chelsea back.
7. Play around on Pinterest.
8. Make Spencer's Quilt!
9. Get out Katie's next size of clothes.
10. Buy some pants that fit.
11. Change the battery in the smoke detector in my office so it quits that INFERNAL BEEPING!

The nice thing about being really busy is that normal busy all of a sudden feels luxurious. Aaahhh...

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Susan said...

Do you love pinterest yet?