Monday, November 21, 2011

KSU Rowing Reunion 2011

Remember Labor Day Weekend? I went to Manhattan for the Rowing Reunion! Here are some pictures.With my Ford Hall roomie and rowing buddy Laura-in the amazing team center that they have out at the boathouse. With lockers! And showers! And a training room! And bathrooms!

It was fun to show Anna the boats. I'd never mentioned rowing to her-pretty foreign for a little farm girl.
I got to see Maggie! That was wonderful wonderful. I love that girl.

(I couldn't help but wear workout clothes to the boathouse-couldn't shake the feeling that I might end up running up and down the hill, which is paved now, by the way!).

Here are some of the "Hale Era" rowers-but not all of them. It was great to see these girls again.
Maggie and I got oars! Someday the basement will be all done and I think this will look super cool on the wall.

A bit more tomorrow. :)


Melanie said...

I still cannot picture the new facility out there! I can't even remember--did we have a port-a-potty out there?

How did you get the oar home??

Anonymous said...

We had port-a-potties! It's so great to see the photos Betsy, thanks for posting!