Tuesday, January 03, 2012



1.  Focus on enjoying my time with the people I am blessed with.
2.  Forget about "shoulds" that are really not important.  Do not waste energy and time feeling guilty about ridiculous things.
3.  Learn some more about the Saints
4.  Pray daily and more.  Remember that something is better than nothing.  Use the moments I can find.
5.  Use my snippets of free time to do what I actually want to do.  Make things instead of reading about making things on the internet.
6.  Finish my Master's degree!  :)

Oh- and I want to make this too-hopefully in the month of January.
Pic and link  from Creating Clever via Craftzine

And-I would really like to make something each month-just a small seasonal thing-because that makes me happy-but I've got to remember that it should be fun-and not actually "necessary" or "important".


Melanie said...

I tell myself all the time "something is more than nothing would be!" Great list! Why do we feel guilty about ridiculous things, anyway? Sometimes I tell Hubby to please just tell me I don't need to feel guilty about not ______. :)

Chelsea said...

#7: Follow Chelsea's blog :) I just can't believe you have a list. Maybe #8 could be: have less resolutions? Love you.

betsyann said...

Melanie--I do the same thing!

Chelsea--I already follow your blog! And this is a list that is WAY pared down. Given free reign, my list would be in the 100's.

The Gray Roach said...

Aside from finishing my masters, can I copy this list? It's great.