Monday, April 09, 2012

Spring 2012 List

Really? It's been a month since I posted anything? It felt busy, but I didn't know it had been THAT busy. I was thinking that I'd never posted a Spring List, and as I looked I noticed I never posted a Winter List either! So ALLLL the way back, here's what I wanted to do:
 Fall 2011 List:
1. Make things for Susu's wedding; Petticoat, veil, flowers, tablecloths; and have fun with sisters.   The wedding was lovely and wonderful and I even managed to have fun and enjoy the day.  Big success.
2. Finish MJL 12th anniversary present.  I haven't even looked at it.
3. Spencer Quilt  I'd say the blocks are 1/2 done.  And another nephew is graduating next month...eek.
4. Secret Sibling gift  Yes!  Some sweet little snowflakes and a sequined angel ornament.  
5. File the giant pile of papers.  Well, yes, but I have another one since then...
6. Finish Practicum. Again, yes...but now I have:  Finish Sociolingüística AND Portfolio-double eek
7. Get out Baby Toys.  Done! 
8. Lainey something with Abby.  Sigh-I would really love to do this-don't know where we'll find the time.  And another nephew got married in the meantime...  And the babies keep coming...
9. Chelsea Wedding Book.  I finished this last week!
10. Pull some of the giant weeds. On Friday!  But mostly sweet Matthew took care of this for me, much earlier in the year.  

And from lists much much earlier and never accomplished-I re-potted my poor sad root bound plants.  They now have more room to grow, which may or may not be good.  If you've visited my house and wondered when the plants would take over completely--they are now one step closer.  I stopped fertilizing them years ago-they're just very happy here.

And now for Spring 2012:

1.  Spencer Quilt
2.  Levi something
3.  Lainey  & Mark something Lainey says I already got something for her wedding.  That may be just her being nice.  I really can't remember. 
4.  Drew & Jenna something I just bought something.  Which is fine. 
5.  Finish Threesie's blanket
6.  Mulch the front bushes
7.  Fix the rose bush area by the back door.
8.  Plant some flowers on the porch.
9.  Finish Portfolio!!!!!!!
10.  Finish Sociolingüística
11.   Mail that pile of boxes!
12.  Make something to keep Anna school work-binder, digital album, something.
I sat thinking for a long time and nothing else came to mind-so though I'd like to have 12 things because it's 2012, I'm going to stop there. Thought of what the last one was last night. 

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In the Mix said...

That's quite a list. I think "trip to Manhattan to relax" should be number twelve. :)