Thursday, November 07, 2013

Best of the B's

There were a lot more books with B authors than A's!  I read all the Cliffords, all the Arthurs, all the Berenstain Bears, and they were all good.  Here are some I didn't know about that I loved.  

Lorna Balian wrote 5 books that we have in the library and I loved them all.   Strange and sweet stories.

Actually this is one of the first books I purchased for the library, and then it won some awards last year!  It's about a little girl who makes things out of yarn.  I still love it.  

This one I immediately checked out to Anna as soon as I finished it.  Just a really lovely little story.  

We have bunches of Eve Bunting books and they are all tear jerkers!  I loved this Christmasy one the most, but I liked them all.  

I actually discarded a couple of books from the B's because they depicted such meanness between siblings, without ever redeeming anything.  This one was just the opposite.  Brothers being brothers, but also being kind.  

I love everything by Virginia Lee Burton.  This is the only one we have.  I may have to remedy that.  

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Melanie said...

I like what you said about redeeming factors. That's what I think is sadly lacking in a lot of today's books.

Only one Burton book? That's surprising!

This is a very fun series of posts, by the way. :)