Friday, November 15, 2013

That time I saw Dwight Yoakam

I never told you about my super awesome bonus gift!

My sister-in-law Margaret came and brought her whole family to spend the weekend working hard because this family loves each other AND she took me with her to the Dwight Yoakam concert in Dodge City.

This is what front row center looks like.  If you've ever wondered if it's worth it, I'm sorry to say that it is.  It's like having your very own concert.  I made eye contact with everyone in the band.  It's so fun.  As if you couldn't tell from my goofy smile.  My face hurt from smiling.  

Before the concert, a lady came and said "Are you the VIP seats?  Here's your information about your Meet and Greet with Dwight".  That was a fun surprise!  

It's always nice to see Reeses just because I love them all, but sharing this treat with Margaret and Linda and Spencer and Joanna was cake with extra frosting, ice cream, and sprinkles.  

This was my favorite song of the night:

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In the Mix said...

So. Much. Awesome. Thanks for the song this morning.