Friday, March 07, 2014

The scariest part

I really love my new job as a librarian, but there's one part of the job that makes my hands shake and my heart pound.  

It's when I put the new books into the computer.  What if no one reads them?  

I feel all excited when I'm ordering, but then they come, and it's $1700 worth of books.  Doesn't it seem like a small pile for that much money?  

It's terrifying, but next week the books go out on the shelves.  Here's hoping I chose well!  


Melanie said...

Looks like fun! Have Anna read the books and talk them up to her friends, my kiddos seem to want to read what their friends are reading. For the picture books, recommend them to some younger kids, or display them with covers facing out, I'm sure they will get snatched up! Looks like a good variety, our school library seems to be a little heavy on the dark, vampire, scary side. Ick.

Kelsey Gray said...

What a great job! From the titles I can see, it looks like a fun pile to me.