Friday, August 01, 2014

Sometimes I don't make sense.

It seems that NO ONE had any idea what I was talking about in my last post, including MJL and my sisters.  So.

Probably wrote that late at night or something.

Here's the difference-on days I go swimming, everything is good and wonderful.

On days I don't-cranky pants.  Mostly if I'm annoyed by anything ever, it's just that I didn't go swimming that day.

We've begun to THINK about getting a pool.  Up until now, I've only held it as a dear dream for some distant future.  Probably still distant, but now I can actually start to think about it and do a little bit of research.

So what do you think?  Does anyone have any insight or expertise or information to share about that?

Size, location, type, danger, covers, salt vs chlorine, long term actual use, slide, other features, worth it, not worth it, etc?

It makes my heart beat faster just to admit that we get to finally think about it.

(probably not quite this fancy)  ;)


Melanie said...

Not quite that fancy? But maybe almost? :) I think it just depends what you want and what you want to spend. Our kids have a lot of fun in the $50 10-ft pool from Wal-Mart and we're going to look for a bigger above ground pool on clearance for next year. The filters that come with those pools don't do much, though, so we hooked ours into the pump and filter from the old in ground pool. Our friends with an in ground pool say they spend $1000 per summer on chemicals and maintenance. Our mail lady put in a salt system and 'sports' pool (it's all the same depth, 4ft) and said they love it. Safety is one of the things that held us back from fixing the in ground. An in ground is great for the bigs who can swim, but I was just never sure how it would work to supervise when I have so many littles to take care of!
Very fun to think about!

In the Mix said...

We love mom and dad's in ground salt water pool. They don't spend much on salt or chemicals per year but I'm not sure what the initial cost was for salt.
The fence around the whole thing is an absolute must. I can't swim in their pool with both my littles by myself since they are both completely averse to floaties. That would be my only issue. If you could somehow have a zero entry pool, that would be totally awesome. Oh, and they have an electric cover that can support the weight of adults. No risk of getting caught up in the cover and drowning and it keeps a lot (not all) of junk out.

Kelsey Gray said...

I understand the feeling! If I don't do something physical, I get super cranky!

Nanny Smith said...

Sarah is so right about the salt pool. The initial cost is not the actual salt, but the equipment. I don't remember how much it was, but COMPLETELY worth it. I have only used a little tiny bit of chemical in 3 years and we added 1-2 bags of salt each year and it isn't expensive. ALSO, it is SO much easier to care for. Check the chlorine and ph levels once a week. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. BTW, we had Lloyd Deremus come up here and install ours and were very happy with him.