Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall 2016

Fall!  Everyone loves it.  It's probably my 4th favorite season.

Here's what I hope to do.

1.  Put the garden to bed for the winter.
2.  Can some tomatoes.
3.  Clean up the front porch for the winter.
4.  Mow the yard (have Anna mow the yard)
5.  Harry Announcements!!!  (goal is by 10/18/16-but probably not until MJL is done)
6.  Quilting machine set up (also after MJL is done)
7.  Make many Christmas gifts.
8.  Cut out Lillian's Quilt
9.  4 H Record Book!  (9/30/16)
10.  Halloween Costumes--Anna Mother Teresa, Jimmy Entomologist?
11.  Go Back to School
12.  Switch kids clothes to Winter
13.  Go through toys and clothes and donate many of them for St. Nicholas' day 12/6/16
14.  Make a Project List and Plan for Anna for 4H 2017
15.  Make Christmas PJ's for kids by Thanksgiving.
16.  Finish Anna's Thank Yous!
17.  Make Pumpkin Butter
18.  Make Jam with Anna

Summer's list-

1.  Get out the baby stuff.
2.  Have baby.
3.  Kid photo shoot
4.  Baby Announcements and CD
5.  FAIR
6.  Big Lobmeyer Party
7.  Cabin
8.  Keep up with the garden  ish
9.  Start kids back to school.
10.  Can some things.
11.  Finish lesson plans for August.
12.  Finish Jules' Blankie!!!
13.  Go through big boxes of fabric.
14.  Go through box under table.
15.  Go through big basket.
16.  See the Art in OKC.
17.  Make baby shirt for Big Lobmeyer Party
18.  Read that book from Susan.
19.  Mail things in the big pile.
20.  Make something for me or for house.  Made myself a rug for outside the door to my office, a new dishcloth, and a cover for my mixer.
21.  Green Box I've been avoiding this project for a year!  Took only 90 minutes.  Woohoo!
22.  Bonnie's Birthday gift.  I didn't even put this on the list because I was kind of dreading it.  but it's done and wrapped so I'm adding it now.  :)

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