Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blankie on a limb

I went a little crazy with the last baby blanket that I made. I'm sending it to my cousin Janie, who's pretty fun and funky, so I hope she likes it. I do, but it is strange. Very Dr. Seuss.

It's light blue with stripes of green fuzzy yarn.

Here's the whole thing.
Here's a side shot so you can see the fuzzy texture,And here it is on a test-drive.

In other news, I have 16 items on my Summer To Do list. I'm trying to be relaxed and ok with not getting it all done.

Today I've been working on the photo projects for the summer. Each year after Anna's Birthday I go through the pictures for the year and pick a picture from each month to print in an 8x10 for her big album, and 4 4x6's for the hall. It helps me feel better about not ever taking professional pictures. I've just finished choosing and cropping and they should be at Wal-Mart in a couple of days. Then I put them in the album and frame and I'm down to 14 things on the list.

If only "Potty Train Anna" were as simple.


mllr said...

The fuzziness makes the blanket almost too cool to be a baby blanket!

melanie said...

I think it's cute! I bet the baby will love feeling the texture of the fuzzies. :)

I hope potty training goes okay for you--it was a bear with my girl; but the boy was a cinch. :)

Susan said...

goodness, anna looks so big in that blanket picture. why is it that the second i leave, she seems gigantic in pictures again? not cool.

Linda said...

Anna is getting so big!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I'm with you on the "to-do" list. They seem never ending. However, I'm not trying to potty train a child, so yours seems a little more challenging to me.