Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lainey's blanket

Now that Lainey has her quilt, you can see what it looks like.

I enjoyed making it, though I'm not super happy with the binding. It's very uneven in one spot, but I didn't get it back from the quilter until the day before we left, so I was up late finishing it. Sewing the binding on by machine is quicker, but I think the hand sewing is a nicer finish, unless I get much better at the doing it by machine.

I also learned doing this quilt that I don't like doing borders. Once I get the main piecing done, I don't like having to do borders too, but they do look nice.

And I really want a machine so that I can do the quilting myself too, but I think that's a long way off.

The pattern is from a quilting magazine of Mom's...They called it "Atlantic Chain" It's a simplified version of an Irish Chain, done in purple and a white with purple flowers, with a Leopard print back, per Lainey's request.

Here are a few shots.

Marg and Lainey...I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing, could you take one and send it to me? Thanks!


In the Mix said...

Very nice. Every crafty/sewing thing you do turns out great.

mllr said...

The quilt is so wonderful...I will get right on the picture for you!

melanie said...

Gorgeous pattern and colors!