Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Tree

Friday night Linda came out to help us finally finish the Christmas Tree. Anna enjoyed seeing all of the ornaments and getting to help put them on the tree.I really love our big tree with all of the random ornaments. I like that I can look at it for a long time, seeing different things and remembering different things. We have ornaments from Matthew's childhood, things we each made, things from Mom all the years of my life, ornaments from friends, pictures of Anna, souvenirs, the toys we strung to the tree with dental floss the first year we were married. A 3D scrapbook of life.
Here's a close up shot of a new ornament this year.

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Loving Life said...

I love trees with random ornaments too! That's how we always decorated our trees and how I still do it. I love looking at the ornaments and know that each one has a special meaning.